Dig Deeper and Cold Call Lesser


Many of us come across this picture, it gives us the message of never give up too soon. Yes indeed. We should not give up too soon. From this picture, I can also relate it to the way how I do my network marketing business and how I expand my network. What is it so special about network marketing? If you look at the term, the keyword is network. Many distributors I observed, they give up too soon because they didn’t tap into the network.

When I first start network marketing business, I approached it with a selling mentality. I ran all over my family and friends, persuade them to join my MLM opportunity, promote them the wonderful products I have, and they rejected me. Basically, I have already used up all my contacts in my warm market. Then, it’s time for me to attack the cold market. Going out to the street, giving flyers and talk to anyone that bump into me. The chances of getting rejection are even higher. I felt that I start my every day from zero.

At this point, it got me thinking, what should I do?

The first thing to do: google to look for answer.

The following are a few answers I found myself:

  • Network marketing/ selling is a number game. The more people you approach, the more people you will have.
  • Anyone (literally everyone who is breathing) you bump into, share with them about it. They may be interested.
  • Doing online marketing, sending mass massages to people
  • Conquer your fear of talking to people

These are very useful advices. It helps me to become less fearful to approach strangers and make friends with them. Until I found out about the next thing that I’m going to share here, I was amazed with the result.

I found this idea: focus on your network, not selling. Dig deeper into your network. ASK FOR REFERRALS

Look at the picture on top. There are a few layers of ground we have to go through, in order to get the big diamonds.

Initially, I’m thinking to give up after I approach my first layer contact (friends and my family), all rejected me. Then, I tried to go back to them, I asked them to refer me, the people they know who want the products or business opportunity. To my surprise, they don’t reject me and the answer are mostly positive. However, bare in mind that, it takes time for people to give you referrals. IT TAKES TIME. As time goes by, the people around me started to understand what I’m doing, They started to refer business to me.

Here is how I ask for referrals: “By the way , do you know someone who  _____________.”

When I understand the importance of the people, networks and connections, my business process becomes so much smoother. I made lesser cold call to strangers. Therefore, to all network marketers or those in the sales line, don’t stop at the first level of your contact, dig deeper into you networks, and WHO KNOWS? You find someone who has diamonds in their connections.

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