Do this, you will guarantee to have job/ business security

When I was managing my school athletic team, there was one particular boy I observed. Every time he would request to stay back for another 30minutes after the official training session. He would do extra practice focus on his running techniques. During that time, he was not the star in the athletic team. He was only in the reserve team. In many competitions, he was sitting by the stadium stand watching the competition without a chance to race. Until this moment when one of the runners in the main team was not feeling and unable to race, the coach asked this boy to take the race. Without any hesitation, “yes, sir.” He walked into the track and brought victory to the team. He was not winning only for that race, but he is winning many races after that.

This boy taught me that every human being has the power to create his own future regardless of the circumstance. This is because the most important factor is YOU. Always remember to invest in yourself.

WHY invest in yourself?

Can you predict what is the bad thing that will happen to you next?

Can you also predict what is the opportunity that will come to you next?

Most probably the answer will be no. Many times I observed, people are not ready when the opportunity come or when the bad things happen. When there is a job promotion, then realised “I don’t have enough leadership skills.” When there is a business opportunity, then realised, “I don’t have enough business knowledge.” When there is an investment opportunity, then realised, “I don’t have enough money.” Unfortunately, opportunity doesn’t wait, opportunity is for people who are ready.


From today start invest in yourself to be ready for opportunity.

That’s the one simple thing you do to ensure your job/ business security.

How to invest in yourself?

Prioritise your off-time (after work time) to involve in beneficial activities that you are passionate and avoid doing unproductive activities (e.g. watching television, gossiping, surfing internet without purpose and etc.).

Start learning, doing and contributing.

When there is a financial crisis, no matter if you are an employee or a business owner, you may worry about either losing a job or closing down your business. What’s next? It’s simple, no job, no income, no business, no profit. Many or even you may have experienced this in past. How nice if we can have job security, continuous streams of incomes and peace of mind. Do you want that? Do this one simple thing, guarantee you will have job security or even business security – Invest in yourself.

It’s not the matter of where you work, but it’s a matter of can you work anywhere.

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