Never Look at Your Back-Up Plan

In 1519, the Spanish explorer and conquerer, Captain Hernando Cortez led a troop of soldiers to fight for the treasure from the Aztecs. Some of his men doubted about their success and tried to back-off from the conquest. He then commanded his troop to destroy their own ships. His men refused because they need the ships to get back home and his answer was:  “If we are going home, we are going home in their ships!” Years later, his troop succeeded in the Aztec conquest. Their glory is simply because of 100% commitment and focus without fallback.


Focus and commitment. Whether in your life, career or business, without both focus and commitment, most likely you are destined to failure. There are many times people always leave back-up plan for themselves. “it’s ok if I’m not successful, I still have……” They don’t adopt the full-time mentality.

Commitment – Replace Your Habits

Regarding to commitment, merely saying “I want to do it.”, “I can do it.” or “I will be successful one day.” isn’t enough to keep a person committed. Actions matter. Once you said you want to do something, be it a business, dream or passion, you have to adopt new productive habits and resist unproductive activities.

If you dream to become a marathon runner, you have to adopt new habits that can improve your stamina, strength and speed. Continue to sit down watching television will not help.

Commitments and Habits for Successful Network Marketers:

  • Inventory commitment – invest a certain amount of capital for rolling stocks
  • Time priority – Set time to work for your business
  • Habits of continous self development

Focus – Your Purpose

Everyone has dreams and goals. It’s important to always look and picture yourself in the dream, something that you have passion and willing to work for it. Without it, you will be lost and lack of direction in life. Imagine yourself driving without a destination in mind, how do you feel when you are in the car? You may receive a few honking and shoutings from others. Have a clear focus in your dream, once you set it, commit yourself to achieve it.

Just like Captain Cortez, he focused on his purpose to conquer the Aztec Empire, and committed his troops to achieve it. Even you are doing your interest, your dream, or your business on the part-time basis, you should still treat it as a part of your life. Approach it with full-time mentality, be focus and be committed. Success will be guaranteed.


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