Getting Ready for Business

When I first exposed to a new exciting business opportunity, I want to jump into it right away. I want to start the action. Of course, I want to see the result too. With my impulsive start, I found that my encounters with my potential clients were terrible and embarrassing. It made me looked unprepared in front of people. I left with regret and told myself, “I should have done this, I should have brought this, I should have said this.” However, that’s not the end of the day. I take it as the valuable lessons and I want you to be more prepared for your business journey.

Prepare yourself on several things:


Branding is very important in any business. When you are able to build a brand, you will have more loyal customers, more business and more reputation. Besides a business needs branding, even a person needs branding, especially if you are in sales industry, you are doing the selling for a big company. There are so many salesmen selling the same items, but why should people buy from you?

When we are doing branding for ourselves, it actually makes the people around us remember that, we are associate with the business. The effect we want is “when you think of something, think of me.”

Business Card – design and print sufficient business cards to be distributed in networking occasions.

Social media – Nowadays, we use social media and internet to check everything, even people that we know. Make sure you clean up your facebook account and delete all inappropriate sensitive post and sharing. You want to create a facebook page for business instead of using your personal account.

Personal outlook –  previously we may not care so much about our appearance (in term of dressing, grooming, accessories and habits), but if you are in a people business, appearance is important as well. Invest in your appearance (not necessarily luxury and branded items). Just make sure you dress well, decent and appropriate to show respect to your clients.

Business Operation

When you start a business, you cannot open up an empty shop for your customers. You have to be ready with every thing that you offer in your business.

Products – when I first started my network marketing business, I was very reluctant to invest in keeping products. Until that one time, I missed out a great business deal because I don’t have immediate stocks in hand. Keep some products stock will definitely come in handy for your business.

Promotional flyers/ literatures – Those are very helpful to provide better understanding about your business/ products to your customers. Not only printing and distributing flyers, make sure you know everything in the flyers too.

Bank account for business – It will help you to handle the financial matters more effectively in your business. You will not mix up your business money and your personal spending.


I observe that many people involve in network marketing did not invest their time for learning and gaining knowledge. We spend so many years to study before we are ready to work. Why not for your network marketing business too?

Products knowledge – learning about your company and your products is a must. If not, you will be challenged by your clients until you have no way to handle it.

Books and articles – spend your time reading on books and articles that are related to your industry. Having more knowledge will boost your confident as well as your credibility.

Personal development – the journey of entrepreneurship is not only about business and money. Developing yourself to become a better person should be done too.

Motivation – read and listen to more inspirational and motivational materials. It helps to keep you having a positive mindset and going to challenges with more optimism.

Be more prepared in term of branding, business operation and knowledge, it will help you to go through a smoother entrepreneurship journey. You will have lesser occasions of leaving regret. You will face lesser challenging and embarrassing moments. You will complain lesser about “if I knew it, I should have done….”



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