The Orientation Program

New Business Leader Orientation

To the business leaders,

Congratulation. You have successfully inspired someone to sign up and join your network marketing organisation. What’s next? Remember that every distributor who joined your team are in the business for him/herself, but not by him/herself. The next step as an upline leader, you provide support to help your new members to get their business off the ground.

To the new network marketers,

Congratulation. You have chosen to explore network marketing as part of your life. Definitely there is something that inspire you to make the choice.  If this is your first network marketing business, you may find it clueless. Next thing to do would be asking support from your sponsor leader. 

What is New Business Leader Orientation?

As the name “orientation” suggested, it’s the “first” tour to get you familiarise with the business. Whether you are in school or in work, there is always someone will help you to get familiarise with the facilities and bring you around the place for a tour. In network marketing, it is the very first training session to help new member to set up the business and understand the key business building activities.

When should we do New Business Leader Orientation?

Right after the opportunity presentation and membership sign up and the new member shows interest in doing the business. 

What should you expect in a New Business Leader Orientation Program?

Usually in the orientation program, it includes: 

  • a clear overview of what a new distributor will do to become a successful business builder in the company. 
  • An guide to the strategies and actions a new business builder will take to achieve result.
  • Information and skills to duplication of success to help building the organisation doing the same.

How’s a typical program agenda look like?

  1. Understand your dream, why are you coming into this business?
  2. Getting commitment and setting time priority for business building
  3. Familiarise the business structure, products and presentation.
  4. Clearing doubts about the business
  5. Creating prospect list
  6. Planning the first event/ appointment/ home party
  7. Contact and invite
  8. Assignment and project

Here is the business orientation template you can use as your reference to help you and your new members to start the business. 

Download here:

Business Leader Orientation Template

Your business leader and your sponsor are always your best resources for training and support. But remember: This your business. How successful you want your business to be, it’s still very highly depend on YOU.

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