Network Marketing – A Lifetime Career

I always wonder why is it some of the people are so successful in Network Marketing. When I talked to a number of extremely successful (rich in all aspects) people in network marketing, I observed one thing – they stay in the network marketing industry for a considerably long period of time.

One of them told me, her success secret is “stay long enough in the business, and make sure you do something about it. Staying long without doing anything also will not bring you anything.”

Building Network Marketing through time and patient.

From the graph above, average most people will not achieve a lot in the beginning.

Very common at this initial stage, many have already given up the business.

Taken from

How To Go Through The Initial Stage?

I will explain the process of building a network marketing business using the visual below.

Different Stages in Network Marketing

Initially from the presentation, you were very excited about your future and the potential of the business. During this time, somehow you were inspired to sign up the membership. With the initial excitement stage, you turned the excitement into action. Very quickly, you launch yourself into the business.

After you approach a few people about your business opportunity, they are ready to splash cold water on you, reject you, and provide you negative thoughts. Then, self-doubt started to arise. Every network marketer will go through this confusion stage without exception. At this point, you have only 2 choices: quit or stay. A big majority will choose the first one, QUITTING.

A small portion of people, they choose to stay. They endure, experience and breakthrough the challenges. They learn to get better in doing the business. Network Marketing is the place where you learn and apply the knowledge at the same time. Adopt the learning mindset by attending seminars, reading, and taking actions.

In the end, you will observe transformation, changes and growth in yourself. Once you grow yourself, the business will grow with you.

Therefore, the secret to success in network marketing stay long enough and constantly learn to do it better.

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