Leading the Different Paths

I find one particular unique and wonderful part about network marketing business is: you have the freedom to build your dream career. 

When we are introducing a MLM business opportunity, I observed that the same company, same business and same products, with different people, they may develop the business with different approaches. 

However, we need to bare in mind that there is no wrong or right way to build the business. Sometimes, ones may have a mixture of approaches in building their business.

Here are a few approaches commonly I observed:

Door to door selling 

Door to door selling is the most classic way of direct selling. Ones will move from one place to another and identify people who are looking for the particular products. 

Typically, people who work the business with this approach they have the following characteristics: 

  1. They consider themselves as the sales representative of the company
  2. They love the products
  3. They have strong passion to help people using the products

Stockist/ wholesaler approach 

Purchase a considerably big amount of stock directly from the company using membership discounted price, and selling it using suggested retail price. 

Characteristics for individuals using stockist approach are:

  1. Having strong financial capital
  2. Consider their business as a conventional trading business
  3. They may recruit more door to door sales representative to move the products to consumers.

Social media marketing

Advertise products, get connected with people online and become an influencer on social media. Selling products through hi-tech methods. Utilising postage service to delivery the product orders. Some use this method to get in touch with more people from different places.

Typically, people who fall into this categories are:

  1. Younger generations who are tech literate
  2. Promoting the products through social media
  3. Constantly sharing related information through social media

Party Approach 

Organising events (e.g. make up party, fitness program or health education session) to attract crowds. From the events, identify prospective clients who are interested in the products or participate more in the future program.

Generally, they have the following traits:

  1. They enjoy and love to socialise with people through events.
  2. They connect with people using a particular common interest or hobby.
  3. They are passionate in the things they do

Attraction approach 

Focus on developing leadership and charismatic to become the inspiration for others. Identify prospective individuals who have leadership quality to build the business and producing more business leaders. Teach and guidance more business leaders to move the products through the network between people.

This category of people possess the following traits:

  1. They love to help others becoming successful
  2. They are constantly develop themselves to become a better person
  3. They are visionary

Which path would you choose?

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