Growing, Recording and Sorting Your Contact List Effectively

It is common that when we started a business, we may worry about one of these: we don’t have a lot of friends, we don’t have a big network, or we don’t know a lot of people. In order to start a successful business/ sales career, your contact list is your business assets. 

Trust me, doesn’t matter who are you, you definitely have this asset with you (if you don’t believe me, check your phone’s contact list, your facebook friends list, and your email list). You definitely have a certain amount of people in the list. And, you can definitely build this asset too. 

Here is a sharing on how I usually organise my contact list using my phone.

Here are a few ways (there are more) on how to grow your contact list:

  1. Making new friends
  2. Networking from social events
  3. Referrals
  4. Visiting local businesses 
  5. Reconnecting with old classmates, friends, or colleagues 

How to keep record of your contact list?

Previously, we have to write down all of our contacts in a rodolex or notebook. Very fortunate in this current era, technology and smartphone help a lot in term of contact list organisation (paperless, better organisation and easy to search).

When I save a contact, I will make sure I fill in a few of these details about the person. 

  1. Name (make sure get the correct spelling on the spot during the contact exchange, helps to avoid typing/ calling the wrong name later)
  2. Company/ Association (Usually in this part, I will write where he works/ company name/ from which event I know this person.)
  3. Telephone number 
  4. Facebook/ other social network profiles
  5. Notes (For this part, I will not do it on the spot. I will usually do it right after the event, I will recall and briefly jot down what I know about this person from the conversation that we just had. (E.g. hobby, family, interest, work, physical outlook, and etc.)

Jotting down notes about your contact is very helpful. It will serve as a future reference when you are connecting with them again. It will definitely give a good impression that you remember them, and remember what they said. 

Sorting the contact list

After saving all the details into my phone, I will put them into different categories/ groups. Here are a few approaches that you can try:



Relationship This is the approach I used to organise my contact list. I will categorise them based on how I know them or my relationship with them. For example, if I know a person from the running events, I may put them into “running buddies” group. Examples of category names: Family, Company names, Toastmasters, Running Buddies, classmates and etc.
Urgency/ Rating Urgency approach is quite effective to organise your contact list according to how soon you want to invite them out for appointments. Example of category names: Hot, After few weeks, Later, Need more rapport, and etc.
Location For those who their business required frequent travelling from one place to another, sorting out your contact lists based on their location would come in handy. It will help you to arrange your business meetings when you are in a particular places. Examples, Penang, Malaysia, Thailand, and etc.

Getting a suitable and personal approach in organising your contact list, would definitely be handy for your business building process. It will save you some time to search through the ocean of long contact list.

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