Presentation Flow

In order to inspire others to take action, a good presentation is one of the key determine factors. Most people when they encounter the word “presentation”, they will experience butterflies in their stomach. Even though, some may say speaking is an art. If you learn the science of a good speech, the art can be practised.

How to structure your network marketing business opportunity presentation?


  • Attention grabber
    • This is the first moment to engage your audience.
    • An attention grabber could be humor, visual, question, story, and many other ideas that you can think of.
    • Make sure the attention grabber is relevant to the topic
    • Keep it short and effective
  • Reasoning
    • This is the process to help audience rationalise the importance and the purpose of listening to your presentation.
    • Make them feel that it is important and valuable for them to continue listening.
  • Lead-in 
    • The main message. “Network marketing is a better solution


  • Company – Brief history of the company, philosophy of the company, and the founder
  • Compensation plan – The business earning potential
  • Products – Uniqueness, quality and effectiveness of the products
  • People – The organisation and the people in the team


  • Tie up – recap the points
  • Call of action – Make sure your speech ends with a take home message. Electrify, motivate and inspire audience to take certain actions that will be beneficial to them.

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