It’s a Serious Business.

You can have freedom to create your dream lifestyle with flexibility: no boss, no alarm clock, and no office. This is one of the attraction in network marketing. With this expectation in mind, many people including me, come into network marketing, don’t even take it seriously. The cold hard truth is that: if you don’t take your business seriously, you don’t deserve to enjoy the flexibility. You can only enjoy no money.

Personal Money and Business Money: keep it clearbank-account

  • Make sure you open a new current account.
  • All transactions related to business is strictly limited to only using business account.
  • Even you are taking products for personal use, remember to PAY.

You still have to setup your personal office (may not be physical space)virtual-office

  • Your office is for record keeping purposes.
  • All can be done in your computer.
  • Keep record on the following items: monthly earning, stocks, members record and receipts.

Hours of Business: If you are not there, the deal is not yoursunnamed

  • Your personal calendar is your boss, your alarm clock and your check-in machine.
  • Schedule your appointments, meetings and events in a routine manner.
  • Be available to respond messages and phone calls.

You choose network marketing business as a way to achieve your freedom in life. Treat your business seriously, you will eventually enjoy the freedom.

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