Build and PROTECT your Reputation

One factor that can determine your success in the business is YOU.

Have you ever tried to build a sand castle before?

How long does it take you to build a beautiful sand castle?

What if you press it too hard?

What if you accidentally kick it?

What if the water splashes it?

It’s destroyed, isn’t it?

This is the same like your reputation. Reputation takes time to build. However it takes only one moment to destroy it.

Besides learning how to build up your reputation, in this writing, it is crucial for me to emphasise that PROTECTING your reputation is important as well.

Your reputation starts from your daily life. You don’t only behave yourself during business. You have to behave yourself consistently anytime and anywhere.

How can you build and protect your reputation?

  1. Be consistent in your word and action (Do the talk)

  2. Honesty (You cannot get away from dishonesty forever. Eventually, people will know it)

  3. Integrity (Do the right thing by obeying the law of nature, Do Unto Others as You Would Have Others Do Unto You)

  4. Serve sincerely (If you are coming with ulterior motive, people tend to run away from you)

  5. Willing to make improvements (No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. We may make mistakes due to ignorance or carelessness. If you are willing to change, there is always an opportunity to build back your reputation.)

Every actions you take since day one, they leave a mark, either good or bad. Good marks leave a legacy behind, Bad marks leave a bad name behind.

You have the choice.

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