People Buy You – Your Reputation

In the market, doesn’t matter what you offer, be it products or services, there is always someone offers something similar. Why do people still want to buy from you? That’s because of your reputation. Building a good reputation will definitely make you more attractive.

What is reputation?

Win Chan Reputation.003.jpeg

It is the belief that people hold about someone or something. The belief will affect the way a person think, feel and do about the particular subject.

How does reputation work?

Win Chan Reputation.001.jpegLike it or not, your reputation is highly depend on the impression of 3rd parties.

Out of the 3 aspects of reputation, the only thing that you can control is YOUR ACTIONS.

Every actions you have done will create an impression to others. The impression can be positive or negative.

Reputation serves as the score board of public’s impression. Positive impressions build positive reputation and vice versa.

Win Chan Reputation.002
Your actions create impression. Impression builds your reputation.

Why is reputation important?

It helps you to gain: trust, respect and reliablity.

The better your reputation, the more you gain.

The worse your reputation, the more you lose.

Therefore, regardless of your career or business, building a good reputation is clearly a good strategy to attract more people.


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