The 1st Scroll on Salesmanship

Recently I read this book, The Greatest Salesman in the World by OG Mandino. Here, I want to share with you the first principle of salesmanship written in the book: habits.

“Today I begin a new life. Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity…… the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits”

O.G. Mandino

This book completely touches my heart and my experience of starting a career in network marketing. When I started network marketing business. I don’t have the talents of an entreprenuer, people skills, and even salesmanship. I told my parents that I want to be a salesman. Their response is “you make a good teacher, but not salesman.”

In my first few months of my network marketing business, I was walking on the street and the commercial areas, trying to look for people into my network marketing organisation. I signed up no one at the end of the day. What’s the reason? Frankly, I don’t even have the courage to open up my mouth and talk to anyone. True enough, my parents were right, I don’t make a good salesman.

At the verge of being convinced by the idea of I don’t make a good salesman, I was very close to giving up. That time I sat down at a bench in the mall. In front of me, there was a credit card sales stall. A few credit card salesmen were pitching their credit card to the passer-bys. I observed one common thing of all salesmen there: “all the salesmen talked to everyone who passed by regardless of who.”

I took up my courage and approached one of the salesmen (the first stranger that I talked to in my  network marketing business). I complimented him and asked him, “you have big courage and it’s so natural for you to talk to people, are you also like that when you first started?”

“No. I was scared, fearful and ashamed of the crowd, especially during holiday season when there are too many people. But, I keep on doing it, until I get used to it. Now it becomes my nature when I see people I talk to them.” he responsed.

“I keep on doing it, until I get used to it. Now it becomes my nature.” That’s a formation of a habit. In order to become a successful salesman, it’s not determined by the talent. it is determined by the habits that contribute to the success.

Thank god, I met him. His word pulled me back up to continue my journey in network marketing business. Then, I went back to my network marketing group and observed the top network marketer habits.

Here are what I learnt:

  1. They habitually greet people with smile

  2. They habitually start the conversation with either “Hello” or a compliment.

  3. They habitually make new friends

  4. They habitually invite people to explore the opportunity regardless of the result

  5. They habitually practise gratitude.

Want to be successful? There is no other way simple than this: adopt the habits of the successful people.

“For today I am a new man, with a new life.”

O.G. Mandino

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