About Me

Hello and welcome to The Winning Mindset.

My Wife and I
My wife and I

I’m Win Chan. I involved in network marketing career after I resigned from my teaching job in the early of 2018. When I started network marketing business, I know my life will be so much different compare to have a fixed salary job in school. I take some time to adapt the new lifestyle.

The experience of building the business is fruitful and I personally learn a lot from it. I realise that the network marketing business is actually a very simple business. Why I say simple? I was convinced that it has the method and approach that are duplicable.

However, it is not easy for me in the beginning. When I started this business, I did terribly in many aspects e.g. prospecting, appointment, and presentation. I know that these will be the process that every network marketer will go through in the beginning.

Therefore, I set up this blog to compile my experience and what I have learnt to help the future network marketer leaders to go through the challenges with ease and with more information and knowledge.

Why The Winning Mindset?

In the beginning of my business building, I was very focus on the sales and chasing people to join my opportunity. Guess what? I sabotage my relationship with my friends and family. They ran away from me. I reached the edge of failing in the business until I met my business mentor.

win chan & Ksow
Me & My Business Mentor

From my business mentor, I know that knowledge, practice and attitude are important. If we are spending so many years to study before we are ready to start working, why don’t we also spending some time to learn about network marketing before we launch our business. At the same time, how we think and what we think are very powerful to decide our future outcome.

When I realised this, I start to approach my network marketing business in a whole different way. I’m able to enjoy, have fun  and sustain it further. I found my life purpose to help other network marketers to acquire the right mindset and skillset on the following aspects:

  1. Skillsets 
  2. Mindset 
  3. The network marketing industry
  4. Communication
  5. Leadership
  6. Inspiration