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In Shaklee, our products focus to live in harmony in nature and good health

From the beginning, Shaklee developed products that were designed to work in harmony with nature. This philosophy is carried through in Shaklee innovation until today. With this, you will discover the complete solution for better health in all aspects.

We have the nutritional supplements that use natural ingredients to take care of your inner you.

Skin care and toiletries products that enhance your outer beauty, promote healthy, attractive skin and hair.

As well as, our household cleaning products that are biodegradable and non-polluting to take care the world around you

  1. Inner you (Nutritional Supplements)
  2. Outer you (Personal care)
  3. World around you (Household products)
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Shaklee Get Clean Household Series

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The 1st Scroll on Salesmanship

Recently I read this book, The Greatest Salesman in the World by OG Mandino. Here, I want to share with you the first principle of salesmanship written in the book: habits.

“Today I begin a new life. Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity…… the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits”

O.G. Mandino

This book completely touches my heart and my experience of starting a career in network marketing. When I started network marketing business. I don’t have the talents of an entreprenuer, people skills, and even salesmanship. I told my parents that I want to be a salesman. Their response is “you make a good teacher, but not salesman.”

In my first few months of my network marketing business, I was walking on the street and the commercial areas, trying to look for people into my network marketing organisation. I signed up no one at the end of the day. What’s the reason? Frankly, I don’t even have the courage to open up my mouth and talk to anyone. True enough, my parents were right, I don’t make a good salesman.

At the verge of being convinced by the idea of I don’t make a good salesman, I was very close to giving up. That time I sat down at a bench in the mall. In front of me, there was a credit card sales stall. A few credit card salesmen were pitching their credit card to the passer-bys. I observed one common thing of all salesmen there: “all the salesmen talked to everyone who passed by regardless of who.”

I took up my courage and approached one of the salesmen (the first stranger that I talked to in my  network marketing business). I complimented him and asked him, “you have big courage and it’s so natural for you to talk to people, are you also like that when you first started?”

“No. I was scared, fearful and ashamed of the crowd, especially during holiday season when there are too many people. But, I keep on doing it, until I get used to it. Now it becomes my nature when I see people I talk to them.” he responsed.

“I keep on doing it, until I get used to it. Now it becomes my nature.” That’s a formation of a habit. In order to become a successful salesman, it’s not determined by the talent. it is determined by the habits that contribute to the success.

Thank god, I met him. His word pulled me back up to continue my journey in network marketing business. Then, I went back to my network marketing group and observed the top network marketer habits.

Here are what I learnt:

  1. They habitually greet people with smile

  2. They habitually start the conversation with either “Hello” or a compliment.

  3. They habitually make new friends

  4. They habitually invite people to explore the opportunity regardless of the result

  5. They habitually practise gratitude.

Want to be successful? There is no other way simple than this: adopt the habits of the successful people.

“For today I am a new man, with a new life.”

O.G. Mandino

Goals Setting and Planning

A GPS application on your phone is almost useless if you don’t know where you want to go. That’s almost the same in our life, because life is a journey. If you don’t know what you want in your life, your effort and time are almost wasted.

What you want = the destination

Goals setting and planner = GPS

Goals setting and planner will help you to navigate through the journey and help you to reach your goal. Therefore, it is important to familiarise your goals setting and planning system.

Besides, using the classic way, the pen and paper, our computer and smartphones are now equipped with planning and organiser apps for us to go paperless. It can even sync your data online and use it across different devices. Initially, I found that when there are too many data recorded after a while, it becomes very messy inside the phone.

Through the process of trial and error, I developed a systematic way to organise the data. Here I would like to share with you the system to effectively do goals setting and planning electronically.

Before we get into how to use the apps, I will share with you the general process of goals setting.

  1. List down all your dreams and what you really want in life
  2. Filter and prioritise the dream list
  3. Visualise the journey to achieve the dream
  4. Breakdown into smaller actions

Funnel of goals setting
The Goals Setting Funnel

Here are the tools to organise and plan your goals

1. Note-taking Application

Use a note taking application to list down all your dreams

Remember, you can’t accomplish all your long list of dream at once. You need to filter and prioritise them. Here is basically how to do it.

Categorise those dreams into various timeline:

  • Short term (1-3 years)

  • Mid term (4 – 6years)

  • Long term (7years above)

  • Habitual

For example, this is how I label my dream list:

  • Weight lose 20kg (S, 2years)
  • Buy a new house (L, 8 years)
  • Earn monthly income of $50,000 (M, 5years)
  • Travel around the world (H, every year 1 destination)

After that, you need to dig deeper into each and every goals one by one to plan the yearly, monthly, weekly and daily actions.

2. Reminder Application

I will use the reminder application to create a yearly list. I will include everything that I want to accomplish for this year based on my dream list that I have created.


New year resolution
Resolutions List

Now focus on what you want to achieve this year. Add in extra info in the reminder to plan the course of actions.


  • Go for 6km jogging 3 times a week
  • 45minutes gym weight training 2 times a week
  • Detox diet every weekend
  • Every month end, put $850 aside into saving
  • Look for 40 new customers each month
  • Service existing customers so that they can repeat purchase every month
  • Book flight ticket in April
  • Book hotel in June
  • Target travel date to Japan December

reminder apps
Details new resolutions with course of actions

3. Calendar Application

Once you list down the course of actions, you will record down those actions into your calendar. Then set alarm so that your calendar application will send you an alert.


In short, these are the process of goals setting and planning using your smart phones.

  • Set your big dreams using note application
  • List down your yearly resolutions and goals using reminder
  • Plot the actions into your calendar to create your daily schedule

Remember, follow through with ACTION.

One more thing: allocate a slot of time every day to review and plan for your next day.

With good planning, you can create an amazing life

Wait, I will Do it Later

At a certain point in our life, we may come across the idea of starting a business. Generally when this happens, people fall into two major categories: “go for it” or “wait I will do it later”. 

Some will go for it. However, majority of people will tend to find excuses and fall into the “wait I will do it later” group. The reason is throughout every stage in our life, excuses are everywhere and it is so easy to find. 

Let’s take a look at the common timeline of a person:

Early 20s – College/ university

“Wait I will do it later. It’s not the right time. I focus on my study first.” (Lack of knowledge and information)

Mid/ late 20s – Working

“Wait I will do it later. I need to get more experience first. I don’t have enough money.” (Lack of confidence and self-belief)

Early 30s – Marriage & Family

“Wait I will do it later. I have no time. I need to take care of my family and children.” (Lack of passion and direction)

In the 40s – Comfort zone

“I have tried before. I think it’s a bit too late to start again now. It’s difficult for me to leave my job now.” (Influenced by past experiences and afraid of uncertainty)

In the golden age – Retirement

“I’m too old and have no energy to start a business.” (Lack of confidence)

As the time goes by, many people are going through every stage in life, allowing one excuse to another excuse stops them from achieving what they really want. It’s a chained effect. Most the time, the excuses are not the real reasons. 

If we are looking at the different stages in life, the main reasons behind the excuses are generally lacking in the following aspects: knowledge, confidence, passion, direction, and certainty. 

Here are 5 things you can do to help you, moving from “wait, later” to “Go for it.”

  1. Cultivate reading habits 

  2. Adopt life-long learning

  3. Open for opportunity

  4. Learn to look at things positively

  5. Look forward, instead of dwelling on the past

Stop letting your excuses pull you back from being extraordinary. 


“He that is good for for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

Creating Amazing Life

What do you REALLY want in life?

Recently, I asked this question to the people I approached in my daily life. At the same time, I gave them a blank paper to write down their answer.

It seems to be a very simple question for most of us. However, here are something interesting that I found out:

  1. I observed that many people seems to be taking longer time to ponder on the answer.
  2. I also found out that many people haven’t really given much thought about what they really want in life.
  3. There are some wrote down the answers and their response is “I think it is impossible to achieve what I really want.”
  4. Many people do not enjoy what they are doing currently.

Actually, what you really want in life is achievable and you can turn it into reality with these 3 simple steps.

  1. Thoughts
  2. Visualisation
  3. Action

Every thing that we wish, we want or we dream, starts with your thoughts. Even though majority of people they may have thought about what they want in life, they didn’t focus to give serious thoughts and consideration. Many people commonly do is wishful thinking. For instance, when passing by a luxury car, and then said “I wish I can have a Mercedes one day.” After a while, may have already forget what was being said.

Once we have a thought, the next thing to do is visualise it, in order to make your thought become reality. So, how to visualise it?

  • Give it as much detail as possible
  • The small steps and the journey to achieve it
  • Timeline to achieve it

For instance, let’s said, you want a luxury car. What model is it? What colour? What are the specifications? How to get it? When to get it?

Whether you can make your dream a reality or not, the last step is the most important, taking action. There is a common saying that only 10% of the society are successful, and there are 90% don’t quite make it. That’s because many didn’t go further to take action but keep cycling around the stages of thought-visualise-thought-visualise…… let me share with you another example is writing new year resolution. Do you complete all your new year resolution?

What stops many people people from taking action?

  • Too difficult
  • Too hard
  • Seems impossible
  • Never done that before
  • Don’t know how
  • Take a long time

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker

You can and you definitely have the potential to achieve your dream. Follow the 3 steps: thoughts, visualise, and action.

Dr Forrest C Shaklee once said, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.

Therefore, it is all about you. You, it’s you who have the power to create your future. The key is action.

Effective Networking

Doesn’t matter if you are studying, working or running a business. Networking is very important part of our lives. People do networking for different purposes such as making new friends, expanding professional and business connections, as well as looking for a life partner. There are a lot of places that we can go for networking. In fact, anywhere there is human, you can do networking.

Basically, we can categorise the places for networking into 3 major types, gatherings, organised events and communities. However, always bare in mind that networking is not only limited to these, networking can be done throughout our daily lives even we are walking on the street and talking to strangers. Sometimes networking can be very challenging such as having the fear to talk to new people, having no clue how to follow up with new connection or having no reply from the new connection.

Those are very common challenges. I love to share 3 tips for effective networking that I learnt from my personal experience to help you having a better networking experience. Be purposeful, be memorable, and be accountable.

Be purposeful

When I was attending networking events initially, I went to the event without a specific goal or purpose in my mind. I ended up wandering around the events, shaking a few hands, exchanging a few pleasantries and leaving the events almost empty handed. As you can see, going to networking without purpose is like driving in the town without destination. Remember to always set your purpose before you invest your time for networking.

Be memorable

I observed from my past experience, I usually collected a big stack of name card from networking events. Yet, I realised when I go through the name card, half of them I don’t remember who are they. From the other half that I remember, half of them don’t remember who am I. Roughly, you get approximately 25% connection rate from the event. Therefore, one of the key to increase the connection rate is be memorable.

How to be memorable?

  • Giving compliments
  • Talk to as many people as possible but focus to build stronger rapport if you meet someone who share the similar interest with you.
  • Make note on the name card so that you can remember their details
  • Get connected in social media apps right after the events
  • Share a selfie together and send them when you get connected with them on social media apps.

Be accountable

Being accountable means walk the talk. If you said you want to do something for the person, make sure you do it. Being accountable will help you to build rapport, trust and respect with others. For example, if you met someone who needed a good dentist and you happen to know one, you said you will introduce the dentist to him. Make sure you do it.

Doing networking is not about how many name cards you can distribute, is not about how many name card you have collected and is not about how many people you talk to in the events. Doing networking is about the effectiveness. When you invest your time in networking, be purposeful, be memorable, and be accountable. You will definitely be the greatest networker in the world.

Scary Strangers

When I first started building my network marketing business full time, the scariest part of all is not losing my income. It is talking to strangers.

Since young we were taught to beware of strangers, most of us did not bother to learn about making connection with strangers. When you are in business, sales or network marketing, making connection with strangers is such a crucial skill. So, how do we do it?

1. Smile 

Smiling is the best way to set a happy mood to the people you meet. It’s a sign you acknowledge the existance of the other person. Another amazing thing that you will discover is, most of the time people will definitely smile back when you smile to them. It is a great first step to approach a stranger, everything starts with a smile.

2. Talk about a third party object or people in common

No matter where you go, it is definitely a great chance that you will meet a lot of strangers. Be it, in malls, in the events, or in restaurants. Another way to start a conversation is to look for a common topic. For example, if you are in a book store, start a conversation with another person about books or the authors.

3. Giving compliment

Who doesn’t like praise? When you meet someone, look for positive attributes of the person and give him or her a compliment. You will instantly get connected. However, remember to compliment sincerely, and avoid whitewash compliment.

4. Personal disclosures

During the conversation with another person, the more you disclose about yourself, the more another person will tell you more about him or her. For instance, you started the conversation with, “Hi, I’m Win Chan.” Most probably you will receive a reply, “Hi, I’m Adam.” Let’s say, you introduce with “Hi I’m Win Chan, from Malaysia, I like running.” You are more likely to receive similar, their name, their origin, and their hobbies.

when you talk to strangers, you are making beautiful interruptions into the expected narrative your daily life and theirs. You are making unexpected connections.


From today, start practising your skills to make connection with strangers. It’s not just helping you in your network marketing business. It helps you to be a better person as well as bringing you more friendships in your daily life.

Money is the Root of All Evils?


When we talk about money, there is a common saying that “money is the root of all evils.

You may hear people around you say something like this, “I don’t have money. It’s ok. Money spoils relationship. Money creates evil. The rich people are greedy. I don’t want to be like them.” Sadly to say, here is another way to interpret it, “I don’t have money. It’s bad. I still don’t want to work hard for it.” This belief has long become the excuse for many people to stay poor.

How can money be evil? It’s just papers or in the modern world of internet banking, it’s just a number. It’s just a tool for transaction. The good or bad entirely depends on the user. You have the choice either to do good with money or do evil with money. Therefore, never mistaken money as the root of all evils. Greediness, is the root of all evils.

Greedy people choose to do evil with money.

With greed, they are not contented, they upgraded everything in their life unnecessarily. Bigger car, bigger house and bigger desire with anything they want. As a result, they spend the money excessively and end up with bigger debts.

Greed sometime leads people to commit in unlawful acts. Just like one classic tale. 3 friends found a bag of gold. They stranded in the forest. “A” went to look for food while “B” and “C” stayed behind to guard the gold. With greed, the “A” poisoned the food in order to take all the gold. “B” and “C” planned to kill “A” in order to share the gold only between them. Guess what? In the end, “A” was killed, “B” and “C” were poisoned to death. From the story, the greed to possess more money may lead one to have sinful thought, to commit illegal act, as well as to break a relationship.

With greed, some even gamble, in the hope to get more money by luck. Buying lottery tickets, betting in casino, sport betting, as well as financial market speculation, are the common places where some people able to gain some money by luck. However, there are a big majority lost their money, even worst they get into financial trouble.

Do you have a choice to spend moderately?

Do you have a choice to follow the law?

Do you have a choice not to gamble?


Money is good or evil? It’s a matter of your choice.

Imagine when you have abundance of money.

There are a lot of wonderful things you can do for others.

  • More time to spend with family, people and the community

  • Put your children to college

  • Bring joy to your family

  • Invest in business that bring values to others

  • Setting scholarship fund

  • Charity fund

  • Provide funding for social cause

  • Contribute to society make the world a better place

Isn’t is wonderful to have money? That’s the power of money when the money is used for good. If you take a careful look by comparing the evils of the money and the good of the money, it’s a matter of your thoughts and intention.

The money shows its evil side when you approach it with personal, selfish and greedy intention. On the other hand, the money shows its good side when you belief your money can benefit others. It’s the law of nature – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Put it in a simple way, focus your thoughts and intention to provide value for others. Also, positively believe that your money can benefit others. You will attract wealth. Money will be a blessing instead of evils. Good or evil, it’s your choice. Make your choice from today onwards, start giving values to others, giving your wealth to bring wellness among people and giving positive belief on money. You will definitely attract abundance of wealth.

The Letter to the Introvert Leaders

Dear introvert leaders,

“I’m an introvert. I can’t do well in sales, I can’t do well in leadership and I can’t do well in network marketing.” If you have these thoughts about yourself, especially to those who are introverts, I have to stop you right there. Introverts can’t do well.” It is a stereotype of the society that it is true only if you allow yourself to believe it. Being an introvert is not an excuse of not doing well in sales, leadership or network marketing.

Since young, our upbringing especially our education system shaped our thinking that we must be outgoing in order to stand out among the crowd and become successful. Let me illustrate this with my schooling experience.

Throughout my schooling life, I experienced that “if you voice out, it means you are giving contribution to the group. If you keep quite, it means you do nothing.” My teachers used to tell me, “Win Chan, if you want to be a good student, don’t do nothing. You need to speak more in the group discussion. You need to be more outgoing. You need to be more active in class.” However, little did they know, “I’m damn good in note-taking for a group discussion, I enjoy my time with friends as well as travelling, and I pay attention to listen and read extra for my study!” That made me proud to say, I’m doing way better than a good student.

It made me realise that my introvert self is not a weakness or an excuse for not being successful. My introvert self is an advantage. I urge all introvert future leaders to embrace your introvert self. The introvert qualities will definitely help you to achieve success in your network marketing career.

Characteristics of an introvert & how it will help in network marketing career

  • Good listener

Usually introverts may not talk much, but they are definitely good listeners. In order to build a successful network marketing business, the common advice we receive is “talk to more people.” I would like to improvise this advice to “connect and listen to more people.” It is important that we listen to the need of our clients in order to provide the best solution for them.

  • Reading

Most of the introverts like to enjoy the moment of solitude. This is often the reason introverts feel more contented and energetic when they are reading, thinking deeply or focusing on their inner-self. This is particularly helpful in the network marketing career. Your knowledge and wisdom accumulated from reading will be able to help others.

  • Treasure friendship

Compare to extroverts, it is more challenging for introverts to get new friends. That has indirectly nurtured the introverts to value their long term friendship more than others. Network marketing is not only built on impression, it is built on connection and relationship.

  • Fun and adventurous

Never ever mistaken that introverts are boring and serious people. Spend enough time with them, They can be fun and adventurous. If you don’t believe me, recall back. There are a lot of time you made your friends laugh.

One last thing to remind the introvert leaders, never mix up introvert and shyness. Many times, introverts will tell themselves that I can’t do public speaking or I can’t make friends because I’m an introvert. No. It’s because of the shyness, not because of the introvert personality.

Introverts can’t do well.” It is a stereotype of the society that it is true only if you allow yourself to believe it. From today, overcome your shyness, and take advantage of your introvert personalities to build a successful network marketing career for yourself. See you at the top.

It’s a Personal Guidance

Even though in network marketing business, we are in the same company, moving the same products, and promoting the same opportunity, building the business is still very personal for different people. This is because every individual came into network marketing with different aspirations, goals and dreams. Due to the nature of network marketing business, mentorship is one of the must-have aspect in this business.

The network marketing business is a business of building, supporting and nurturing each other. Through mentorship, one will be able to receive encouragement and guidance while he or she works to achieve success.

Mentoring process can be a fruitful experience for both parties, where the mentor has the chance to share the experience, wisdom and knowledge, while the mentee can gain the foundation for building success.

A mentoring process involves more personal aspects towards the goals because every individual moves at a different pace. In order to make your mentoring process a fruitful one, it is important for both mentor and mentee to exhibit a particular set of attitudes.

Combination of successful mentoring experience

The relationship of mentor and mentee happens in 2-way communication. It requires both parties to be committed and be respectful to each other in order to have a successful mentorship.



The success of an organisation is depend on the harmony of its members who have different aspiration, goals and dreams to work together in achieving the common goals of the organisation.

In short, if you have the honor to be a mentor of someone, bring out the best of him/her to the business success, as well as the best of you to set a good example.