Money is the Root of All Evils?


When we talk about money, there is a common saying that “money is the root of all evils.

You may hear people around you say something like this, “I don’t have money. It’s ok. Money spoils relationship. Money creates evil. The rich people are greedy. I don’t want to be like them.” Sadly to say, here is another way to interpret it, “I don’t have money. It’s bad. I still don’t want to work hard for it.” This belief has long become the excuse for many people to stay poor.

How can money be evil? It’s just papers or in the modern world of internet banking, it’s just a number. It’s just a tool for transaction. The good or bad entirely depends on the user. You have the choice either to do good with money or do evil with money. Therefore, never mistaken money as the root of all evils. Greediness, is the root of all evils.

Greedy people choose to do evil with money.

With greed, they are not contented, they upgraded everything in their life unnecessarily. Bigger car, bigger house and bigger desire with anything they want. As a result, they spend the money excessively and end up with bigger debts.

Greed sometime leads people to commit in unlawful acts. Just like one classic tale. 3 friends found a bag of gold. They stranded in the forest. “A” went to look for food while “B” and “C” stayed behind to guard the gold. With greed, the “A” poisoned the food in order to take all the gold. “B” and “C” planned to kill “A” in order to share the gold only between them. Guess what? In the end, “A” was killed, “B” and “C” were poisoned to death. From the story, the greed to possess more money may lead one to have sinful thought, to commit illegal act, as well as to break a relationship.

With greed, some even gamble, in the hope to get more money by luck. Buying lottery tickets, betting in casino, sport betting, as well as financial market speculation, are the common places where some people able to gain some money by luck. However, there are a big majority lost their money, even worst they get into financial trouble.

Do you have a choice to spend moderately?

Do you have a choice to follow the law?

Do you have a choice not to gamble?


Money is good or evil? It’s a matter of your choice.

Imagine when you have abundance of money.

There are a lot of wonderful things you can do for others.

  • More time to spend with family, people and the community

  • Put your children to college

  • Bring joy to your family

  • Invest in business that bring values to others

  • Setting scholarship fund

  • Charity fund

  • Provide funding for social cause

  • Contribute to society make the world a better place

Isn’t is wonderful to have money? That’s the power of money when the money is used for good. If you take a careful look by comparing the evils of the money and the good of the money, it’s a matter of your thoughts and intention.

The money shows its evil side when you approach it with personal, selfish and greedy intention. On the other hand, the money shows its good side when you belief your money can benefit others. It’s the law of nature – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Put it in a simple way, focus your thoughts and intention to provide value for others. Also, positively believe that your money can benefit others. You will attract wealth. Money will be a blessing instead of evils. Good or evil, it’s your choice. Make your choice from today onwards, start giving values to others, giving your wealth to bring wellness among people and giving positive belief on money. You will definitely attract abundance of wealth.

The Letter to the Introvert Leaders

Dear introvert leaders,

“I’m an introvert. I can’t do well in sales, I can’t do well in leadership and I can’t do well in network marketing.” If you have these thoughts about yourself, especially to those who are introverts, I have to stop you right there. Introverts can’t do well.” It is a stereotype of the society that it is true only if you allow yourself to believe it. Being an introvert is not an excuse of not doing well in sales, leadership or network marketing.

Since young, our upbringing especially our education system shaped our thinking that we must be outgoing in order to stand out among the crowd and become successful. Let me illustrate this with my schooling experience.

Throughout my schooling life, I experienced that “if you voice out, it means you are giving contribution to the group. If you keep quite, it means you do nothing.” My teachers used to tell me, “Win Chan, if you want to be a good student, don’t do nothing. You need to speak more in the group discussion. You need to be more outgoing. You need to be more active in class.” However, little did they know, “I’m damn good in note-taking for a group discussion, I enjoy my time with friends as well as travelling, and I pay attention to listen and read extra for my study!” That made me proud to say, I’m doing way better than a good student.

It made me realise that my introvert self is not a weakness or an excuse for not being successful. My introvert self is an advantage. I urge all introvert future leaders to embrace your introvert self. The introvert qualities will definitely help you to achieve success in your network marketing career.

Characteristics of an introvert & how it will help in network marketing career

  • Good listener

Usually introverts may not talk much, but they are definitely good listeners. In order to build a successful network marketing business, the common advice we receive is “talk to more people.” I would like to improvise this advice to “connect and listen to more people.” It is important that we listen to the need of our clients in order to provide the best solution for them.

  • Reading

Most of the introverts like to enjoy the moment of solitude. This is often the reason introverts feel more contented and energetic when they are reading, thinking deeply or focusing on their inner-self. This is particularly helpful in the network marketing career. Your knowledge and wisdom accumulated from reading will be able to help others.

  • Treasure friendship

Compare to extroverts, it is more challenging for introverts to get new friends. That has indirectly nurtured the introverts to value their long term friendship more than others. Network marketing is not only built on impression, it is built on connection and relationship.

  • Fun and adventurous

Never ever mistaken that introverts are boring and serious people. Spend enough time with them, They can be fun and adventurous. If you don’t believe me, recall back. There are a lot of time you made your friends laugh.

One last thing to remind the introvert leaders, never mix up introvert and shyness. Many times, introverts will tell themselves that I can’t do public speaking or I can’t make friends because I’m an introvert. No. It’s because of the shyness, not because of the introvert personality.

Introverts can’t do well.” It is a stereotype of the society that it is true only if you allow yourself to believe it. From today, overcome your shyness, and take advantage of your introvert personalities to build a successful network marketing career for yourself. See you at the top.

Thoughts Control to Create Your Future

Every thought you develop sends an impulse to every tissue, every cell in your body. The body responds, and in this way, thought results in physical expression. Without thought direction, there would be no voluntary pyhsical action. This applies, not only to the physical actions of man, but to the action and reaction of all life existing on this earth to influences of thought vibrations. We cannot escape the effects of our thouhgts upon our well-being; for, our life is what we think to make it.

by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, (1973). Thoughtsmanship – Reflections on a Philosophy

Each time when you experience something, you develop a certain thoughts. Every thought that we develop, it shapes your actions and habit. Your actions and habit shape your future. You have the choice to choose your thoughts.

Good thoughts good outcomes, bad thoughts bad outcomes.

What makes a human different with animal is that, animals mostly rely on instinct to survive, human on the other hand, we rely on our creative intelligence and our inner-consciousness to survive. As some would say that, brain is the most powerful organ in the human body.

How we use our creative intelligence and inner-consciousness will affect the quality of our life. Here is how the brain work to create our mindset.

Our brain usually starts with an empty, clean and clear state until an experience strikes us. Once we are going through the experience, we will produce thoughts about it. The thoughts can be positive and negative. After that, we will use our rationality (some sort like a filter) to choose which thoughts to accept. Once our rationality choose to accept a certain thoughts, the thoughts will be stored in our inner-consciousness as a permanent memory (it’s literally permanent, so be careful with what you store!). Once we accept the thoughts in our inner conscious it will transform the thoughts energy into a certain physical actions. If the process is repeating long enough, the action will develop into our habit.

Success Mindset.001.jpeg
Mindset and Characters Building Process

The process may seem complicated, but this is illustrated with the example below, it will be easier to grasp the idea.

Experience: Doing badly in public speaking and presentations.

Thoughts: He/she may produce different thoughts on this experience. (I want to improve my speaking skills/ I cannot speak well/ one day I want to speak on international stage/ They don’t like my speech)

Rationality: The rational intelligence will choose the thoughts to accept and thoughts to ignore. (e.g. I want to improve, I don’t care whether they like my speech or not)

Inner-consciousness – Automatically, the inner consciousness of our brain will store the message, “I want to improve in public speaking.”

Actions – Finding ways and methods to improve public speaking

Habits– Constant practice to speak better

New experience – Improvement in public speaking and presentations.

From the example above, you can observe that it is a chain-effect between thoughts and actions, depends on the thoughts that you entertain. Let’s say, if a person choose to entertain negative thoughts, “I cannot speak well.” Guess what’s going to happen to the actions? Most probably, the person will not take any initiative to practise speaking skills.

Therefore, when we experience something, it is important for us to choose the thoughts that we want to produce, entertain and accept. If we produce, entertain and accept winning thoughts, we will achieve winning result.

As a human, our creative intelligence and rationality can create wonderful future for any individual regardless of ones current status, provided that ones use the creative intelligence and rationality to produce, entertain, and accept winning thoughts.

The more winning thoughts you store in your inner-consciousness, the more winning actions and habit you will adopt in your life.