The 1st Scroll on Salesmanship

Recently I read this book, The Greatest Salesman in the World by OG Mandino. Here, I want to share with you the first principle of salesmanship written in the book: habits.

“Today I begin a new life. Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity…… the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits”

O.G. Mandino

This book completely touches my heart and my experience of starting a career in network marketing. When I started network marketing business. I don’t have the talents of an entreprenuer, people skills, and even salesmanship. I told my parents that I want to be a salesman. Their response is “you make a good teacher, but not salesman.”

In my first few months of my network marketing business, I was walking on the street and the commercial areas, trying to look for people into my network marketing organisation. I signed up no one at the end of the day. What’s the reason? Frankly, I don’t even have the courage to open up my mouth and talk to anyone. True enough, my parents were right, I don’t make a good salesman.

At the verge of being convinced by the idea of I don’t make a good salesman, I was very close to giving up. That time I sat down at a bench in the mall. In front of me, there was a credit card sales stall. A few credit card salesmen were pitching their credit card to the passer-bys. I observed one common thing of all salesmen there: “all the salesmen talked to everyone who passed by regardless of who.”

I took up my courage and approached one of the salesmen (the first stranger that I talked to in my  network marketing business). I complimented him and asked him, “you have big courage and it’s so natural for you to talk to people, are you also like that when you first started?”

“No. I was scared, fearful and ashamed of the crowd, especially during holiday season when there are too many people. But, I keep on doing it, until I get used to it. Now it becomes my nature when I see people I talk to them.” he responsed.

“I keep on doing it, until I get used to it. Now it becomes my nature.” That’s a formation of a habit. In order to become a successful salesman, it’s not determined by the talent. it is determined by the habits that contribute to the success.

Thank god, I met him. His word pulled me back up to continue my journey in network marketing business. Then, I went back to my network marketing group and observed the top network marketer habits.

Here are what I learnt:

  1. They habitually greet people with smile

  2. They habitually start the conversation with either “Hello” or a compliment.

  3. They habitually make new friends

  4. They habitually invite people to explore the opportunity regardless of the result

  5. They habitually practise gratitude.

Want to be successful? There is no other way simple than this: adopt the habits of the successful people.

“For today I am a new man, with a new life.”

O.G. Mandino

Goals Setting and Planning

A GPS application on your phone is almost useless if you don’t know where you want to go. That’s almost the same in our life, because life is a journey. If you don’t know what you want in your life, your effort and time are almost wasted.

What you want = the destination

Goals setting and planner = GPS

Goals setting and planner will help you to navigate through the journey and help you to reach your goal. Therefore, it is important to familiarise your goals setting and planning system.

Besides, using the classic way, the pen and paper, our computer and smartphones are now equipped with planning and organiser apps for us to go paperless. It can even sync your data online and use it across different devices. Initially, I found that when there are too many data recorded after a while, it becomes very messy inside the phone.

Through the process of trial and error, I developed a systematic way to organise the data. Here I would like to share with you the system to effectively do goals setting and planning electronically.

Before we get into how to use the apps, I will share with you the general process of goals setting.

  1. List down all your dreams and what you really want in life
  2. Filter and prioritise the dream list
  3. Visualise the journey to achieve the dream
  4. Breakdown into smaller actions
Funnel of goals setting
The Goals Setting Funnel

Here are the tools to organise and plan your goals

1. Note-taking Application

Use a note taking application to list down all your dreams

Remember, you can’t accomplish all your long list of dream at once. You need to filter and prioritise them. Here is basically how to do it.

Categorise those dreams into various timeline:

  • Short term (1-3 years)

  • Mid term (4 – 6years)

  • Long term (7years above)

  • Habitual

For example, this is how I label my dream list:

  • Weight lose 20kg (S, 2years)
  • Buy a new house (L, 8 years)
  • Earn monthly income of $50,000 (M, 5years)
  • Travel around the world (H, every year 1 destination)

After that, you need to dig deeper into each and every goals one by one to plan the yearly, monthly, weekly and daily actions.

2. Reminder Application

I will use the reminder application to create a yearly list. I will include everything that I want to accomplish for this year based on my dream list that I have created.


New year resolution
Resolutions List

Now focus on what you want to achieve this year. Add in extra info in the reminder to plan the course of actions.


  • Go for 6km jogging 3 times a week
  • 45minutes gym weight training 2 times a week
  • Detox diet every weekend
  • Every month end, put $850 aside into saving
  • Look for 40 new customers each month
  • Service existing customers so that they can repeat purchase every month
  • Book flight ticket in April
  • Book hotel in June
  • Target travel date to Japan December
reminder apps
Details new resolutions with course of actions

3. Calendar Application

Once you list down the course of actions, you will record down those actions into your calendar. Then set alarm so that your calendar application will send you an alert.


In short, these are the process of goals setting and planning using your smart phones.

  • Set your big dreams using note application
  • List down your yearly resolutions and goals using reminder
  • Plot the actions into your calendar to create your daily schedule

Remember, follow through with ACTION.

One more thing: allocate a slot of time every day to review and plan for your next day.

With good planning, you can create an amazing life

Effective Networking

Doesn’t matter if you are studying, working or running a business. Networking is very important part of our lives. People do networking for different purposes such as making new friends, expanding professional and business connections, as well as looking for a life partner. There are a lot of places that we can go for networking. In fact, anywhere there is human, you can do networking.

Basically, we can categorise the places for networking into 3 major types, gatherings, organised events and communities. However, always bare in mind that networking is not only limited to these, networking can be done throughout our daily lives even we are walking on the street and talking to strangers. Sometimes networking can be very challenging such as having the fear to talk to new people, having no clue how to follow up with new connection or having no reply from the new connection.

Those are very common challenges. I love to share 3 tips for effective networking that I learnt from my personal experience to help you having a better networking experience. Be purposeful, be memorable, and be accountable.

Be purposeful

When I was attending networking events initially, I went to the event without a specific goal or purpose in my mind. I ended up wandering around the events, shaking a few hands, exchanging a few pleasantries and leaving the events almost empty handed. As you can see, going to networking without purpose is like driving in the town without destination. Remember to always set your purpose before you invest your time for networking.

Be memorable

I observed from my past experience, I usually collected a big stack of name card from networking events. Yet, I realised when I go through the name card, half of them I don’t remember who are they. From the other half that I remember, half of them don’t remember who am I. Roughly, you get approximately 25% connection rate from the event. Therefore, one of the key to increase the connection rate is be memorable.

How to be memorable?

  • Giving compliments
  • Talk to as many people as possible but focus to build stronger rapport if you meet someone who share the similar interest with you.
  • Make note on the name card so that you can remember their details
  • Get connected in social media apps right after the events
  • Share a selfie together and send them when you get connected with them on social media apps.

Be accountable

Being accountable means walk the talk. If you said you want to do something for the person, make sure you do it. Being accountable will help you to build rapport, trust and respect with others. For example, if you met someone who needed a good dentist and you happen to know one, you said you will introduce the dentist to him. Make sure you do it.

Doing networking is not about how many name cards you can distribute, is not about how many name card you have collected and is not about how many people you talk to in the events. Doing networking is about the effectiveness. When you invest your time in networking, be purposeful, be memorable, and be accountable. You will definitely be the greatest networker in the world.

Scary Strangers

When I first started building my network marketing business full time, the scariest part of all is not losing my income. It is talking to strangers.

Since young we were taught to beware of strangers, most of us did not bother to learn about making connection with strangers. When you are in business, sales or network marketing, making connection with strangers is such a crucial skill. So, how do we do it?

1. Smile 

Smiling is the best way to set a happy mood to the people you meet. It’s a sign you acknowledge the existance of the other person. Another amazing thing that you will discover is, most of the time people will definitely smile back when you smile to them. It is a great first step to approach a stranger, everything starts with a smile.

2. Talk about a third party object or people in common

No matter where you go, it is definitely a great chance that you will meet a lot of strangers. Be it, in malls, in the events, or in restaurants. Another way to start a conversation is to look for a common topic. For example, if you are in a book store, start a conversation with another person about books or the authors.

3. Giving compliment

Who doesn’t like praise? When you meet someone, look for positive attributes of the person and give him or her a compliment. You will instantly get connected. However, remember to compliment sincerely, and avoid whitewash compliment.

4. Personal disclosures

During the conversation with another person, the more you disclose about yourself, the more another person will tell you more about him or her. For instance, you started the conversation with, “Hi, I’m Win Chan.” Most probably you will receive a reply, “Hi, I’m Adam.” Let’s say, you introduce with “Hi I’m Win Chan, from Malaysia, I like running.” You are more likely to receive similar, their name, their origin, and their hobbies.

when you talk to strangers, you are making beautiful interruptions into the expected narrative your daily life and theirs. You are making unexpected connections.


From today, start practising your skills to make connection with strangers. It’s not just helping you in your network marketing business. It helps you to be a better person as well as bringing you more friendships in your daily life.

It’s a Personal Guidance

Even though in network marketing business, we are in the same company, moving the same products, and promoting the same opportunity, building the business is still very personal for different people. This is because every individual came into network marketing with different aspirations, goals and dreams. Due to the nature of network marketing business, mentorship is one of the must-have aspect in this business.

The network marketing business is a business of building, supporting and nurturing each other. Through mentorship, one will be able to receive encouragement and guidance while he or she works to achieve success.

Mentoring process can be a fruitful experience for both parties, where the mentor has the chance to share the experience, wisdom and knowledge, while the mentee can gain the foundation for building success.

A mentoring process involves more personal aspects towards the goals because every individual moves at a different pace. In order to make your mentoring process a fruitful one, it is important for both mentor and mentee to exhibit a particular set of attitudes.

Combination of successful mentoring experience

The relationship of mentor and mentee happens in 2-way communication. It requires both parties to be committed and be respectful to each other in order to have a successful mentorship.



The success of an organisation is depend on the harmony of its members who have different aspiration, goals and dreams to work together in achieving the common goals of the organisation.

In short, if you have the honor to be a mentor of someone, bring out the best of him/her to the business success, as well as the best of you to set a good example.

Inspire more people

As you build your network marketing business, you will eventual become the leader of your organisation. Giving speeches and sharing will become your core activities. When you are able to give inspirational speech, you are able to inspire more people to take positive action to grow themselves. 

The process of crafting an Inspirational Speech

  1. Use your pen and paper to draft out as many ideas as possible. (avoid using google)
  2. Learn about your audience, context and the theme.
  3. Organise the contents
  4. Prepare visual aids (if necessary)
  5. Practise your speech (this is important, the success of your speech will highly depend on your practice)

The Content of Inspirational speech

  • What – The main message that you want to deliver
  • Why – The importance of the message and the impact towards the audiences
  • How – The actions that should be taken by the audiences
  • Who – The target audience
  • When – The time to take action
  • Relate personal experience, wisdom and knowledge.

The essense of Inspirational speech

  1. Touch audiences’ heart
  2. Speak from your heart
  3. Be engaging & humorous
  4. Inspire positive actions
  5. Excitement
  6. Keep it simple

Invest time in yourself to become an inspirational speaker. The skills of speaking is simple. The art of speaking need time to develop. When you master the art, you will definitely feel the tremendous changes into a better leader in your organisation.

One of the best advice I received: Don’t speak to impress, Speak to Inspire. 

It’s a Serious Business.

You can have freedom to create your dream lifestyle with flexibility: no boss, no alarm clock, and no office. This is one of the attraction in network marketing. With this expectation in mind, many people including me, come into network marketing, don’t even take it seriously. The cold hard truth is that: if you don’t take your business seriously, you don’t deserve to enjoy the flexibility. You can only enjoy no money.

Personal Money and Business Money: keep it clearbank-account

  • Make sure you open a new current account.
  • All transactions related to business is strictly limited to only using business account.
  • Even you are taking products for personal use, remember to PAY.

You still have to setup your personal office (may not be physical space)virtual-office

  • Your office is for record keeping purposes.
  • All can be done in your computer.
  • Keep record on the following items: monthly earning, stocks, members record and receipts.

Hours of Business: If you are not there, the deal is not yoursunnamed

  • Your personal calendar is your boss, your alarm clock and your check-in machine.
  • Schedule your appointments, meetings and events in a routine manner.
  • Be available to respond messages and phone calls.

You choose network marketing business as a way to achieve your freedom in life. Treat your business seriously, you will eventually enjoy the freedom.

Presentation Flow

In order to inspire others to take action, a good presentation is one of the key determine factors. Most people when they encounter the word “presentation”, they will experience butterflies in their stomach. Even though, some may say speaking is an art. If you learn the science of a good speech, the art can be practised.

How to structure your network marketing business opportunity presentation?


  • Attention grabber
    • This is the first moment to engage your audience.
    • An attention grabber could be humor, visual, question, story, and many other ideas that you can think of.
    • Make sure the attention grabber is relevant to the topic
    • Keep it short and effective
  • Reasoning
    • This is the process to help audience rationalise the importance and the purpose of listening to your presentation.
    • Make them feel that it is important and valuable for them to continue listening.
  • Lead-in 
    • The main message. “Network marketing is a better solution


  • Company – Brief history of the company, philosophy of the company, and the founder
  • Compensation plan – The business earning potential
  • Products – Uniqueness, quality and effectiveness of the products
  • People – The organisation and the people in the team


  • Tie up – recap the points
  • Call of action – Make sure your speech ends with a take home message. Electrify, motivate and inspire audience to take certain actions that will be beneficial to them.

Growing, Recording and Sorting Your Contact List Effectively

It is common that when we started a business, we may worry about one of these: we don’t have a lot of friends, we don’t have a big network, or we don’t know a lot of people. In order to start a successful business/ sales career, your contact list is your business assets. 

Trust me, doesn’t matter who are you, you definitely have this asset with you (if you don’t believe me, check your phone’s contact list, your facebook friends list, and your email list). You definitely have a certain amount of people in the list. And, you can definitely build this asset too. 

Here is a sharing on how I usually organise my contact list using my phone.

Here are a few ways (there are more) on how to grow your contact list:

  1. Making new friends
  2. Networking from social events
  3. Referrals
  4. Visiting local businesses 
  5. Reconnecting with old classmates, friends, or colleagues 

How to keep record of your contact list?

Previously, we have to write down all of our contacts in a rodolex or notebook. Very fortunate in this current era, technology and smartphone help a lot in term of contact list organisation (paperless, better organisation and easy to search).

When I save a contact, I will make sure I fill in a few of these details about the person. 

  1. Name (make sure get the correct spelling on the spot during the contact exchange, helps to avoid typing/ calling the wrong name later)
  2. Company/ Association (Usually in this part, I will write where he works/ company name/ from which event I know this person.)
  3. Telephone number 
  4. Facebook/ other social network profiles
  5. Notes (For this part, I will not do it on the spot. I will usually do it right after the event, I will recall and briefly jot down what I know about this person from the conversation that we just had. (E.g. hobby, family, interest, work, physical outlook, and etc.)

Jotting down notes about your contact is very helpful. It will serve as a future reference when you are connecting with them again. It will definitely give a good impression that you remember them, and remember what they said. 

Sorting the contact list

After saving all the details into my phone, I will put them into different categories/ groups. Here are a few approaches that you can try:



Relationship This is the approach I used to organise my contact list. I will categorise them based on how I know them or my relationship with them. For example, if I know a person from the running events, I may put them into “running buddies” group. Examples of category names: Family, Company names, Toastmasters, Running Buddies, classmates and etc.
Urgency/ Rating Urgency approach is quite effective to organise your contact list according to how soon you want to invite them out for appointments. Example of category names: Hot, After few weeks, Later, Need more rapport, and etc.
Location For those who their business required frequent travelling from one place to another, sorting out your contact lists based on their location would come in handy. It will help you to arrange your business meetings when you are in a particular places. Examples, Penang, Malaysia, Thailand, and etc.

Getting a suitable and personal approach in organising your contact list, would definitely be handy for your business building process. It will save you some time to search through the ocean of long contact list.

The Orientation Program

New Business Leader Orientation

To the business leaders,

Congratulation. You have successfully inspired someone to sign up and join your network marketing organisation. What’s next? Remember that every distributor who joined your team are in the business for him/herself, but not by him/herself. The next step as an upline leader, you provide support to help your new members to get their business off the ground.

To the new network marketers,

Congratulation. You have chosen to explore network marketing as part of your life. Definitely there is something that inspire you to make the choice.  If this is your first network marketing business, you may find it clueless. Next thing to do would be asking support from your sponsor leader. 

What is New Business Leader Orientation?

As the name “orientation” suggested, it’s the “first” tour to get you familiarise with the business. Whether you are in school or in work, there is always someone will help you to get familiarise with the facilities and bring you around the place for a tour. In network marketing, it is the very first training session to help new member to set up the business and understand the key business building activities.

When should we do New Business Leader Orientation?

Right after the opportunity presentation and membership sign up and the new member shows interest in doing the business. 

What should you expect in a New Business Leader Orientation Program?

Usually in the orientation program, it includes: 

  • a clear overview of what a new distributor will do to become a successful business builder in the company. 
  • An guide to the strategies and actions a new business builder will take to achieve result.
  • Information and skills to duplication of success to help building the organisation doing the same.

How’s a typical program agenda look like?

  1. Understand your dream, why are you coming into this business?
  2. Getting commitment and setting time priority for business building
  3. Familiarise the business structure, products and presentation.
  4. Clearing doubts about the business
  5. Creating prospect list
  6. Planning the first event/ appointment/ home party
  7. Contact and invite
  8. Assignment and project

Here is the business orientation template you can use as your reference to help you and your new members to start the business. 

Download here:

Business Leader Orientation Template

Your business leader and your sponsor are always your best resources for training and support. But remember: This your business. How successful you want your business to be, it’s still very highly depend on YOU.