The 1st Scroll on Salesmanship

Recently I read this book, The Greatest Salesman in the World by OG Mandino. Here, I want to share with you the first principle of salesmanship written in the book: habits.

“Today I begin a new life. Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity…… the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits”

O.G. Mandino

This book completely touches my heart and my experience of starting a career in network marketing. When I started network marketing business. I don’t have the talents of an entreprenuer, people skills, and even salesmanship. I told my parents that I want to be a salesman. Their response is “you make a good teacher, but not salesman.”

In my first few months of my network marketing business, I was walking on the street and the commercial areas, trying to look for people into my network marketing organisation. I signed up no one at the end of the day. What’s the reason? Frankly, I don’t even have the courage to open up my mouth and talk to anyone. True enough, my parents were right, I don’t make a good salesman.

At the verge of being convinced by the idea of I don’t make a good salesman, I was very close to giving up. That time I sat down at a bench in the mall. In front of me, there was a credit card sales stall. A few credit card salesmen were pitching their credit card to the passer-bys. I observed one common thing of all salesmen there: “all the salesmen talked to everyone who passed by regardless of who.”

I took up my courage and approached one of the salesmen (the first stranger that I talked to in my  network marketing business). I complimented him and asked him, “you have big courage and it’s so natural for you to talk to people, are you also like that when you first started?”

“No. I was scared, fearful and ashamed of the crowd, especially during holiday season when there are too many people. But, I keep on doing it, until I get used to it. Now it becomes my nature when I see people I talk to them.” he responsed.

“I keep on doing it, until I get used to it. Now it becomes my nature.” That’s a formation of a habit. In order to become a successful salesman, it’s not determined by the talent. it is determined by the habits that contribute to the success.

Thank god, I met him. His word pulled me back up to continue my journey in network marketing business. Then, I went back to my network marketing group and observed the top network marketer habits.

Here are what I learnt:

  1. They habitually greet people with smile

  2. They habitually start the conversation with either “Hello” or a compliment.

  3. They habitually make new friends

  4. They habitually invite people to explore the opportunity regardless of the result

  5. They habitually practise gratitude.

Want to be successful? There is no other way simple than this: adopt the habits of the successful people.

“For today I am a new man, with a new life.”

O.G. Mandino

Wait, I will Do it Later

At a certain point in our life, we may come across the idea of starting a business. Generally when this happens, people fall into two major categories: “go for it” or “wait I will do it later”. 

Some will go for it. However, majority of people will tend to find excuses and fall into the “wait I will do it later” group. The reason is throughout every stage in our life, excuses are everywhere and it is so easy to find. 

Let’s take a look at the common timeline of a person:

Early 20s – College/ university

“Wait I will do it later. It’s not the right time. I focus on my study first.” (Lack of knowledge and information)

Mid/ late 20s – Working

“Wait I will do it later. I need to get more experience first. I don’t have enough money.” (Lack of confidence and self-belief)

Early 30s – Marriage & Family

“Wait I will do it later. I have no time. I need to take care of my family and children.” (Lack of passion and direction)

In the 40s – Comfort zone

“I have tried before. I think it’s a bit too late to start again now. It’s difficult for me to leave my job now.” (Influenced by past experiences and afraid of uncertainty)

In the golden age – Retirement

“I’m too old and have no energy to start a business.” (Lack of confidence)

As the time goes by, many people are going through every stage in life, allowing one excuse to another excuse stops them from achieving what they really want. It’s a chained effect. Most the time, the excuses are not the real reasons. 

If we are looking at the different stages in life, the main reasons behind the excuses are generally lacking in the following aspects: knowledge, confidence, passion, direction, and certainty. 

Here are 5 things you can do to help you, moving from “wait, later” to “Go for it.”

  1. Cultivate reading habits 

  2. Adopt life-long learning

  3. Open for opportunity

  4. Learn to look at things positively

  5. Look forward, instead of dwelling on the past

Stop letting your excuses pull you back from being extraordinary. 


“He that is good for for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

Creating Amazing Life

What do you REALLY want in life?

Recently, I asked this question to the people I approached in my daily life. At the same time, I gave them a blank paper to write down their answer.

It seems to be a very simple question for most of us. However, here are something interesting that I found out:

  1. I observed that many people seems to be taking longer time to ponder on the answer.
  2. I also found out that many people haven’t really given much thought about what they really want in life.
  3. There are some wrote down the answers and their response is “I think it is impossible to achieve what I really want.”
  4. Many people do not enjoy what they are doing currently.

Actually, what you really want in life is achievable and you can turn it into reality with these 3 simple steps.

  1. Thoughts
  2. Visualisation
  3. Action

Every thing that we wish, we want or we dream, starts with your thoughts. Even though majority of people they may have thought about what they want in life, they didn’t focus to give serious thoughts and consideration. Many people commonly do is wishful thinking. For instance, when passing by a luxury car, and then said “I wish I can have a Mercedes one day.” After a while, may have already forget what was being said.

Once we have a thought, the next thing to do is visualise it, in order to make your thought become reality. So, how to visualise it?

  • Give it as much detail as possible
  • The small steps and the journey to achieve it
  • Timeline to achieve it

For instance, let’s said, you want a luxury car. What model is it? What colour? What are the specifications? How to get it? When to get it?

Whether you can make your dream a reality or not, the last step is the most important, taking action. There is a common saying that only 10% of the society are successful, and there are 90% don’t quite make it. That’s because many didn’t go further to take action but keep cycling around the stages of thought-visualise-thought-visualise…… let me share with you another example is writing new year resolution. Do you complete all your new year resolution?

What stops many people people from taking action?

  • Too difficult
  • Too hard
  • Seems impossible
  • Never done that before
  • Don’t know how
  • Take a long time

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker

You can and you definitely have the potential to achieve your dream. Follow the 3 steps: thoughts, visualise, and action.

Dr Forrest C Shaklee once said, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.

Therefore, it is all about you. You, it’s you who have the power to create your future. The key is action.

Money is the Root of All Evils?


When we talk about money, there is a common saying that “money is the root of all evils.

You may hear people around you say something like this, “I don’t have money. It’s ok. Money spoils relationship. Money creates evil. The rich people are greedy. I don’t want to be like them.” Sadly to say, here is another way to interpret it, “I don’t have money. It’s bad. I still don’t want to work hard for it.” This belief has long become the excuse for many people to stay poor.

How can money be evil? It’s just papers or in the modern world of internet banking, it’s just a number. It’s just a tool for transaction. The good or bad entirely depends on the user. You have the choice either to do good with money or do evil with money. Therefore, never mistaken money as the root of all evils. Greediness, is the root of all evils.

Greedy people choose to do evil with money.

With greed, they are not contented, they upgraded everything in their life unnecessarily. Bigger car, bigger house and bigger desire with anything they want. As a result, they spend the money excessively and end up with bigger debts.

Greed sometime leads people to commit in unlawful acts. Just like one classic tale. 3 friends found a bag of gold. They stranded in the forest. “A” went to look for food while “B” and “C” stayed behind to guard the gold. With greed, the “A” poisoned the food in order to take all the gold. “B” and “C” planned to kill “A” in order to share the gold only between them. Guess what? In the end, “A” was killed, “B” and “C” were poisoned to death. From the story, the greed to possess more money may lead one to have sinful thought, to commit illegal act, as well as to break a relationship.

With greed, some even gamble, in the hope to get more money by luck. Buying lottery tickets, betting in casino, sport betting, as well as financial market speculation, are the common places where some people able to gain some money by luck. However, there are a big majority lost their money, even worst they get into financial trouble.

Do you have a choice to spend moderately?

Do you have a choice to follow the law?

Do you have a choice not to gamble?


Money is good or evil? It’s a matter of your choice.

Imagine when you have abundance of money.

There are a lot of wonderful things you can do for others.

  • More time to spend with family, people and the community

  • Put your children to college

  • Bring joy to your family

  • Invest in business that bring values to others

  • Setting scholarship fund

  • Charity fund

  • Provide funding for social cause

  • Contribute to society make the world a better place

Isn’t is wonderful to have money? That’s the power of money when the money is used for good. If you take a careful look by comparing the evils of the money and the good of the money, it’s a matter of your thoughts and intention.

The money shows its evil side when you approach it with personal, selfish and greedy intention. On the other hand, the money shows its good side when you belief your money can benefit others. It’s the law of nature – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Put it in a simple way, focus your thoughts and intention to provide value for others. Also, positively believe that your money can benefit others. You will attract wealth. Money will be a blessing instead of evils. Good or evil, it’s your choice. Make your choice from today onwards, start giving values to others, giving your wealth to bring wellness among people and giving positive belief on money. You will definitely attract abundance of wealth.

Thoughts Control to Create Your Future

Every thought you develop sends an impulse to every tissue, every cell in your body. The body responds, and in this way, thought results in physical expression. Without thought direction, there would be no voluntary pyhsical action. This applies, not only to the physical actions of man, but to the action and reaction of all life existing on this earth to influences of thought vibrations. We cannot escape the effects of our thouhgts upon our well-being; for, our life is what we think to make it.

by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, (1973). Thoughtsmanship – Reflections on a Philosophy

Each time when you experience something, you develop a certain thoughts. Every thought that we develop, it shapes your actions and habit. Your actions and habit shape your future. You have the choice to choose your thoughts.

Good thoughts good outcomes, bad thoughts bad outcomes.

What makes a human different with animal is that, animals mostly rely on instinct to survive, human on the other hand, we rely on our creative intelligence and our inner-consciousness to survive. As some would say that, brain is the most powerful organ in the human body.

How we use our creative intelligence and inner-consciousness will affect the quality of our life. Here is how the brain work to create our mindset.

Our brain usually starts with an empty, clean and clear state until an experience strikes us. Once we are going through the experience, we will produce thoughts about it. The thoughts can be positive and negative. After that, we will use our rationality (some sort like a filter) to choose which thoughts to accept. Once our rationality choose to accept a certain thoughts, the thoughts will be stored in our inner-consciousness as a permanent memory (it’s literally permanent, so be careful with what you store!). Once we accept the thoughts in our inner conscious it will transform the thoughts energy into a certain physical actions. If the process is repeating long enough, the action will develop into our habit.

Success Mindset.001.jpeg
Mindset and Characters Building Process

The process may seem complicated, but this is illustrated with the example below, it will be easier to grasp the idea.

Experience: Doing badly in public speaking and presentations.

Thoughts: He/she may produce different thoughts on this experience. (I want to improve my speaking skills/ I cannot speak well/ one day I want to speak on international stage/ They don’t like my speech)

Rationality: The rational intelligence will choose the thoughts to accept and thoughts to ignore. (e.g. I want to improve, I don’t care whether they like my speech or not)

Inner-consciousness – Automatically, the inner consciousness of our brain will store the message, “I want to improve in public speaking.”

Actions – Finding ways and methods to improve public speaking

Habits– Constant practice to speak better

New experience – Improvement in public speaking and presentations.

From the example above, you can observe that it is a chain-effect between thoughts and actions, depends on the thoughts that you entertain. Let’s say, if a person choose to entertain negative thoughts, “I cannot speak well.” Guess what’s going to happen to the actions? Most probably, the person will not take any initiative to practise speaking skills.

Therefore, when we experience something, it is important for us to choose the thoughts that we want to produce, entertain and accept. If we produce, entertain and accept winning thoughts, we will achieve winning result.

As a human, our creative intelligence and rationality can create wonderful future for any individual regardless of ones current status, provided that ones use the creative intelligence and rationality to produce, entertain, and accept winning thoughts.

The more winning thoughts you store in your inner-consciousness, the more winning actions and habit you will adopt in your life.


Leading the Different Paths

I find one particular unique and wonderful part about network marketing business is: you have the freedom to build your dream career. 

When we are introducing a MLM business opportunity, I observed that the same company, same business and same products, with different people, they may develop the business with different approaches. 

However, we need to bare in mind that there is no wrong or right way to build the business. Sometimes, ones may have a mixture of approaches in building their business.

Here are a few approaches commonly I observed:

Door to door selling 

Door to door selling is the most classic way of direct selling. Ones will move from one place to another and identify people who are looking for the particular products. 

Typically, people who work the business with this approach they have the following characteristics: 

  1. They consider themselves as the sales representative of the company
  2. They love the products
  3. They have strong passion to help people using the products

Stockist/ wholesaler approach 

Purchase a considerably big amount of stock directly from the company using membership discounted price, and selling it using suggested retail price. 

Characteristics for individuals using stockist approach are:

  1. Having strong financial capital
  2. Consider their business as a conventional trading business
  3. They may recruit more door to door sales representative to move the products to consumers.

Social media marketing

Advertise products, get connected with people online and become an influencer on social media. Selling products through hi-tech methods. Utilising postage service to delivery the product orders. Some use this method to get in touch with more people from different places.

Typically, people who fall into this categories are:

  1. Younger generations who are tech literate
  2. Promoting the products through social media
  3. Constantly sharing related information through social media

Party Approach 

Organising events (e.g. make up party, fitness program or health education session) to attract crowds. From the events, identify prospective clients who are interested in the products or participate more in the future program.

Generally, they have the following traits:

  1. They enjoy and love to socialise with people through events.
  2. They connect with people using a particular common interest or hobby.
  3. They are passionate in the things they do

Attraction approach 

Focus on developing leadership and charismatic to become the inspiration for others. Identify prospective individuals who have leadership quality to build the business and producing more business leaders. Teach and guidance more business leaders to move the products through the network between people.

This category of people possess the following traits:

  1. They love to help others becoming successful
  2. They are constantly develop themselves to become a better person
  3. They are visionary

Which path would you choose?

Network Marketing – A Lifetime Career

I always wonder why is it some of the people are so successful in Network Marketing. When I talked to a number of extremely successful (rich in all aspects) people in network marketing, I observed one thing – they stay in the network marketing industry for a considerably long period of time.

One of them told me, her success secret is “stay long enough in the business, and make sure you do something about it. Staying long without doing anything also will not bring you anything.”

Building Network Marketing through time and patient.

From the graph above, average most people will not achieve a lot in the beginning.

Very common at this initial stage, many have already given up the business.

Taken from

How To Go Through The Initial Stage?

I will explain the process of building a network marketing business using the visual below.

Different Stages in Network Marketing

Initially from the presentation, you were very excited about your future and the potential of the business. During this time, somehow you were inspired to sign up the membership. With the initial excitement stage, you turned the excitement into action. Very quickly, you launch yourself into the business.

After you approach a few people about your business opportunity, they are ready to splash cold water on you, reject you, and provide you negative thoughts. Then, self-doubt started to arise. Every network marketer will go through this confusion stage without exception. At this point, you have only 2 choices: quit or stay. A big majority will choose the first one, QUITTING.

A small portion of people, they choose to stay. They endure, experience and breakthrough the challenges. They learn to get better in doing the business. Network Marketing is the place where you learn and apply the knowledge at the same time. Adopt the learning mindset by attending seminars, reading, and taking actions.

In the end, you will observe transformation, changes and growth in yourself. Once you grow yourself, the business will grow with you.

Therefore, the secret to success in network marketing stay long enough and constantly learn to do it better.

Are You Headed For Burnout?

Learnt something new. Harmonious passion is what we are looking for instead of obsession.

Practical Practice Management

Often we hear the expression “That you need to have passion for your work.” That sounds absolutely wonderful, but it is important to first understand what passion really is.

The actual definition of passions is; “A powerful emotion or feeling.”  When you know that,  then how do we apply it to what we do at our job?  Many times when a person is a hard worker and tends to be a bit obsessive about what they do people will say that person is passionate.  But, is that true or are they obsessive?

The link below is to a very interesting article in the Harvard Business Review blog that is worth reading.  The author Scott Barry Kaufman talks about passion for your work in two different ways, one being harmonious and the other obsessive.  When someone  has passion in a harmonious way about their work they have “joy” when doing it. …

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Never Look at Your Back-Up Plan

In 1519, the Spanish explorer and conquerer, Captain Hernando Cortez led a troop of soldiers to fight for the treasure from the Aztecs. Some of his men doubted about their success and tried to back-off from the conquest. He then commanded his troop to destroy their own ships. His men refused because they need the ships to get back home and his answer was:  “If we are going home, we are going home in their ships!” Years later, his troop succeeded in the Aztec conquest. Their glory is simply because of 100% commitment and focus without fallback.


Focus and commitment. Whether in your life, career or business, without both focus and commitment, most likely you are destined to failure. There are many times people always leave back-up plan for themselves. “it’s ok if I’m not successful, I still have……” They don’t adopt the full-time mentality.

Commitment – Replace Your Habits

Regarding to commitment, merely saying “I want to do it.”, “I can do it.” or “I will be successful one day.” isn’t enough to keep a person committed. Actions matter. Once you said you want to do something, be it a business, dream or passion, you have to adopt new productive habits and resist unproductive activities.

If you dream to become a marathon runner, you have to adopt new habits that can improve your stamina, strength and speed. Continue to sit down watching television will not help.

Commitments and Habits for Successful Network Marketers:

  • Inventory commitment – invest a certain amount of capital for rolling stocks
  • Time priority – Set time to work for your business
  • Habits of continous self development

Focus – Your Purpose

Everyone has dreams and goals. It’s important to always look and picture yourself in the dream, something that you have passion and willing to work for it. Without it, you will be lost and lack of direction in life. Imagine yourself driving without a destination in mind, how do you feel when you are in the car? You may receive a few honking and shoutings from others. Have a clear focus in your dream, once you set it, commit yourself to achieve it.

Just like Captain Cortez, he focused on his purpose to conquer the Aztec Empire, and committed his troops to achieve it. Even you are doing your interest, your dream, or your business on the part-time basis, you should still treat it as a part of your life. Approach it with full-time mentality, be focus and be committed. Success will be guaranteed.


Do this, you will guarantee to have job/ business security

When I was managing my school athletic team, there was one particular boy I observed. Every time he would request to stay back for another 30minutes after the official training session. He would do extra practice focus on his running techniques. During that time, he was not the star in the athletic team. He was only in the reserve team. In many competitions, he was sitting by the stadium stand watching the competition without a chance to race. Until this moment when one of the runners in the main team was not feeling and unable to race, the coach asked this boy to take the race. Without any hesitation, “yes, sir.” He walked into the track and brought victory to the team. He was not winning only for that race, but he is winning many races after that.

This boy taught me that every human being has the power to create his own future regardless of the circumstance. This is because the most important factor is YOU. Always remember to invest in yourself.

WHY invest in yourself?

Can you predict what is the bad thing that will happen to you next?

Can you also predict what is the opportunity that will come to you next?

Most probably the answer will be no. Many times I observed, people are not ready when the opportunity come or when the bad things happen. When there is a job promotion, then realised “I don’t have enough leadership skills.” When there is a business opportunity, then realised, “I don’t have enough business knowledge.” When there is an investment opportunity, then realised, “I don’t have enough money.” Unfortunately, opportunity doesn’t wait, opportunity is for people who are ready.


From today start invest in yourself to be ready for opportunity.

That’s the one simple thing you do to ensure your job/ business security.

How to invest in yourself?

Prioritise your off-time (after work time) to involve in beneficial activities that you are passionate and avoid doing unproductive activities (e.g. watching television, gossiping, surfing internet without purpose and etc.).

Start learning, doing and contributing.

When there is a financial crisis, no matter if you are an employee or a business owner, you may worry about either losing a job or closing down your business. What’s next? It’s simple, no job, no income, no business, no profit. Many or even you may have experienced this in past. How nice if we can have job security, continuous streams of incomes and peace of mind. Do you want that? Do this one simple thing, guarantee you will have job security or even business security – Invest in yourself.

It’s not the matter of where you work, but it’s a matter of can you work anywhere.