The Letter to the Introvert Leaders

Dear introvert leaders,

“I’m an introvert. I can’t do well in sales, I can’t do well in leadership and I can’t do well in network marketing.” If you have these thoughts about yourself, especially to those who are introverts, I have to stop you right there. Introverts can’t do well.” It is a stereotype of the society that it is true only if you allow yourself to believe it. Being an introvert is not an excuse of not doing well in sales, leadership or network marketing.

Since young, our upbringing especially our education system shaped our thinking that we must be outgoing in order to stand out among the crowd and become successful. Let me illustrate this with my schooling experience.

Throughout my schooling life, I experienced that “if you voice out, it means you are giving contribution to the group. If you keep quite, it means you do nothing.” My teachers used to tell me, “Win Chan, if you want to be a good student, don’t do nothing. You need to speak more in the group discussion. You need to be more outgoing. You need to be more active in class.” However, little did they know, “I’m damn good in note-taking for a group discussion, I enjoy my time with friends as well as travelling, and I pay attention to listen and read extra for my study!” That made me proud to say, I’m doing way better than a good student.

It made me realise that my introvert self is not a weakness or an excuse for not being successful. My introvert self is an advantage. I urge all introvert future leaders to embrace your introvert self. The introvert qualities will definitely help you to achieve success in your network marketing career.

Characteristics of an introvert & how it will help in network marketing career

  • Good listener

Usually introverts may not talk much, but they are definitely good listeners. In order to build a successful network marketing business, the common advice we receive is “talk to more people.” I would like to improvise this advice to “connect and listen to more people.” It is important that we listen to the need of our clients in order to provide the best solution for them.

  • Reading

Most of the introverts like to enjoy the moment of solitude. This is often the reason introverts feel more contented and energetic when they are reading, thinking deeply or focusing on their inner-self. This is particularly helpful in the network marketing career. Your knowledge and wisdom accumulated from reading will be able to help others.

  • Treasure friendship

Compare to extroverts, it is more challenging for introverts to get new friends. That has indirectly nurtured the introverts to value their long term friendship more than others. Network marketing is not only built on impression, it is built on connection and relationship.

  • Fun and adventurous

Never ever mistaken that introverts are boring and serious people. Spend enough time with them, They can be fun and adventurous. If you don’t believe me, recall back. There are a lot of time you made your friends laugh.

One last thing to remind the introvert leaders, never mix up introvert and shyness. Many times, introverts will tell themselves that I can’t do public speaking or I can’t make friends because I’m an introvert. No. It’s because of the shyness, not because of the introvert personality.

Introverts can’t do well.” It is a stereotype of the society that it is true only if you allow yourself to believe it. From today, overcome your shyness, and take advantage of your introvert personalities to build a successful network marketing career for yourself. See you at the top.

It’s a Personal Guidance

Even though in network marketing business, we are in the same company, moving the same products, and promoting the same opportunity, building the business is still very personal for different people. This is because every individual came into network marketing with different aspirations, goals and dreams. Due to the nature of network marketing business, mentorship is one of the must-have aspect in this business.

The network marketing business is a business of building, supporting and nurturing each other. Through mentorship, one will be able to receive encouragement and guidance while he or she works to achieve success.

Mentoring process can be a fruitful experience for both parties, where the mentor has the chance to share the experience, wisdom and knowledge, while the mentee can gain the foundation for building success.

A mentoring process involves more personal aspects towards the goals because every individual moves at a different pace. In order to make your mentoring process a fruitful one, it is important for both mentor and mentee to exhibit a particular set of attitudes.

Combination of successful mentoring experience

The relationship of mentor and mentee happens in 2-way communication. It requires both parties to be committed and be respectful to each other in order to have a successful mentorship.



The success of an organisation is depend on the harmony of its members who have different aspiration, goals and dreams to work together in achieving the common goals of the organisation.

In short, if you have the honor to be a mentor of someone, bring out the best of him/her to the business success, as well as the best of you to set a good example.


When we first graduated from high school or college, most people will choose to look for a job that is secured, well-paid and have great development potential. We may choose to climb the corporate ladders in the Multi-national companies. By looking at the potential of income growth, it looks like a wonderful choice.

Earning potential.001.jpeg
Earning Potential

Yes, indeed it looks like a great potential for your career development.

Unfortunately, the reality that most of the people face is the stagnant of income growth at at certain stage of their career.

Earning potential.002.jpeg

If we assume that everyone is hardworking, and continously doing self-development, and everyone qualify to be a director or manager in a certain department. Still, we may face stagnant income growth. The main reason behind it: LIMITED VACANCY for Managerial or Directors positions in the company.

Fortunately we still have a choice to BREAKTHROUGH this limitation, with NETWORK MARKETING.


  1. There is no limitation of vacancy – the company will never limit the number of top income earners. In fact the more the better.
  2. Equal opportunity – Network marketing is just an alternative career, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. You still have to work for it. However, it provides a standard platform where everyone has the equal chance to work from bottom to the top.
  3. Potential to build director’s level income of 50k per month – As you build a strong and big organisation, you can even enjoy 50k monthly PASSIVE INCOME. I want to emphasise again, PASSIVE.

Attend Your Company Events

When you explore a network marketing business, what does every company have in common? Almost all network marketing companies organised their events, conventions and incentive trips.

However, one major challenge is that many distributors believe that they are able to build a successful business without plugging into the company events, as long as they do their prospecting, recruiting and mentoring.

I was once holding the same belief too, until I followed my upline leader’s advice to take effort attending all the events organised by the company. Since then, it totally changed my belief. Attending company events is indeed very important for all network marketers.

It helps me to rekindle my dream, goals, and purpose.

Company event is the destination where all like-minded people gather. It’s a place for me to put down all the burdens of prospecting, presenting and recruiting, to completely immerse in the activities and to rekindle my dream of why I joined network marketing in the first place. It gives me strength to go back and move my business further.

It’s a learning platform

Doesn’t matter what you do in life, there is always no limit for new knowledge. By attending company events, it’s a good opportunity for me to learn and gain new insights about the network marketing industry. I always look forward to learn more from the keynote speakers.

I feel myself as part of the community

When I started my network marketing business, I approached the business as a lone wolf and faced challenges by myself. Initially, I didn’t fully comprehend the common saying of network marketers, “you are in the business for yourself, but not by yourself.” When I attended the company national convention for the first time, I totally get the whole idea. When I was in the event, I was surrounded by the people who, saw the same opportunity, take on the same journey, hold the similar aspirations and face the similar challenges. This reminded me that I’m not alone, but I’m a part of this large and impactful community.


In most of the network marketing events, recognition is one of the event’s highlight. The company recognised all the individuals or the groups that achieve a certain status. When those people walk up to the stage to receive the awards and give their sharing, I was moved and inspired. I want to be like them or even better than them, I want to bring my whole group of members to be on the stage.

I personally find that after every event that I have attended in the past, each time it brought me to my new personal height. Bare in mind that, do not attend events for the sake of attending. Always try to outdo your previous self and strive to attend the next event with a better self. Eventually you will be very successful in the business and you may be even invited to speak on the stage. Set your priority for your next company event and see you at the top.

The Formula to Network Marketing Success

The main reason I come into network marketing is that, I want to look for opportunity to polish up my sales skills. Initially, I approached network marketing like a conventional salesman. I’m going out to push the products and selling the business opportunity to every people I meet. Each month I’m able to push out a handful of products, as well as get handful of people to join as members.

However, I start from zero every month. I repeat the process of pushing products and hunting people. After few months of doing these, I found out one thing, the number of people in my team grew. That’s good isn’t it?

Unfortunately, none of my new member grow.

If you are in conventional selling, this is not a big deal. However, this is not a good situation if you are in network marketing. In network marketing, you need one substance to bring your business to the fullest potential. DUPLICATION.

Conventional Selling vs Network Marketing

Conventional selling

Network marketing





Closing sales

Closing sales




The key to build a successful network marketing business is to grow your teams. When I said grow your team, it’s not only in term of number of people. Help them to grow and become successful. That’s where duplication become so important.

What are the things to duplicate?


Never keep the knowledge to yourself. The more you share with people, the more people will be successful in the business.


In order to develop your business, only possess the knowledge is not sufficient. The key is still the activities you do such as prospecting, presenting opportunity, delivering products and following-up.


Having a system in your network marketing business will make it simpler for an individual to achieve their goals with a more measurable method.


Duplicate the positivity, excitement and attitude. This will set the tone and mood for the organisation. The effectiveness of your organisation to attract more people is mainly depend on the members’ mindset.

For successful duplication, remember to duplicate the right thing.

For successful duplication, everything starts from you.

For successful duplication, be sure that it’s good, simple and easy to follow.

Choosing Leadership Styles

I learnt from Toastmasters International that there are 8 leadership styles: Bureaucratic, authoritative, innovative, pacesetting, democratic, affliative, coaching, and altruistic. Bare in mind that, no style is better than one another. In order to choose a suitable leadership style, it will depend on 2 main factors:

  1. the skill level of your team 
  2. the time available to achieve the goals.
Pathway L2 Leadership.003
Different situation, different style

From the graph above, we can learn that we need to utilise different leadership styles to achieve the goals effectively. Here are a few examples:

Leading a group of new recruits to complete a project within 1 weeks.

  • The skill level of the team is low, time given is short.
  • The best styles are authorirative and bureaucratic.
  • The examples of action taken could be: enforce policy, provide specific instructions and demonstrate the proper way to do things.

Leading a group of experience team to achieve monthly sales target.

  • The skill level of the team is high, time given is short.
  • The best styles are pacesetting and innovative
  • The examples of action taken could be: setting milestones to complete certain actions, open to unconventional idea to achieve target, and tackle a specific challenges.

Leading a group of experience members to run a long term activities and projects. 

  • Skills level of the team is considerably high, time available is longer.
  • The best styles are democratic and affiliative.
  • The examples of action taken could be: provide opportunity for every member to voice out their thoughts, take turn to lead a certain activities, and resolve conflict to maintain group harmony.

Leading someone to achieve long term development

  • The skill level may be lesser, time available is longer
  • The best styles are coaching and altruistic.
  • The examples of action taken could be: goals setting, one-to-one meeting, enhance positive mindset and provide motivational feedback.

Frequent Asked Questions

I’m only good in these particular leadership styles such as authoritative and pacesetting. Does it mean that I cannot lead in the situation where democratic style is needed?

Yes. you can still lead in other situations. However, in order to lead effectively, you need to learn and adopt a certain set of actions.

Can a person possess all the 8 leadership styles mentioned above?

Yes. Even though every individual may have a dominant leadership style, one still can learn and practice other leadership skills to work better in a new situation. All the 8 leadership styles can be learned.

Read more about characteristics of 8 different leadership styles. 

Every has the potential to be a great leader. Leadership most of the time is made through learning and practice.

Keep the Business Simple

In order to build a successful network marketing business, the process is actually very simple. It involves only 3 elements. These 3 elements may not come in specific order, but all successful network marketer do these. 

  • Use

Be the best consumer of the products that you are representing. You are the best testimonial for yourself. It’s a chained effect, the better the products work for you, the more enthusiasm you have towards your business. 

    • Doesn’t matter what products your company is selling (in nutrition supplements, clothing, or equipments), there are always 2 things the network marketing company offers: Products and Opportunity. 
    • Not only we use the product, we are also the best consumer of the opportunity.
  • Share

Be it the products or the opportunity, the more you share it with people, the more success you will enjoy in the business. 

  • Grow
  • Besides sharing, it’s also important to grow the business. In this business, we want to make sure 2 things are constantly growing: personal development and team development. 
      • Make yourself a better person as well as helping others to do the same.

    It’s a Serious Business.

    You can have freedom to create your dream lifestyle with flexibility: no boss, no alarm clock, and no office. This is one of the attraction in network marketing. With this expectation in mind, many people including me, come into network marketing, don’t even take it seriously. The cold hard truth is that: if you don’t take your business seriously, you don’t deserve to enjoy the flexibility. You can only enjoy no money.

    Personal Money and Business Money: keep it clearbank-account

    • Make sure you open a new current account.
    • All transactions related to business is strictly limited to only using business account.
    • Even you are taking products for personal use, remember to PAY.

    You still have to setup your personal office (may not be physical space)virtual-office

    • Your office is for record keeping purposes.
    • All can be done in your computer.
    • Keep record on the following items: monthly earning, stocks, members record and receipts.

    Hours of Business: If you are not there, the deal is not yoursunnamed

    • Your personal calendar is your boss, your alarm clock and your check-in machine.
    • Schedule your appointments, meetings and events in a routine manner.
    • Be available to respond messages and phone calls.

    You choose network marketing business as a way to achieve your freedom in life. Treat your business seriously, you will eventually enjoy the freedom.

    Presentation Flow

    In order to inspire others to take action, a good presentation is one of the key determine factors. Most people when they encounter the word “presentation”, they will experience butterflies in their stomach. Even though, some may say speaking is an art. If you learn the science of a good speech, the art can be practised.

    How to structure your network marketing business opportunity presentation?


    • Attention grabber
      • This is the first moment to engage your audience.
      • An attention grabber could be humor, visual, question, story, and many other ideas that you can think of.
      • Make sure the attention grabber is relevant to the topic
      • Keep it short and effective
    • Reasoning
      • This is the process to help audience rationalise the importance and the purpose of listening to your presentation.
      • Make them feel that it is important and valuable for them to continue listening.
    • Lead-in 
      • The main message. “Network marketing is a better solution


    • Company – Brief history of the company, philosophy of the company, and the founder
    • Compensation plan – The business earning potential
    • Products – Uniqueness, quality and effectiveness of the products
    • People – The organisation and the people in the team


    • Tie up – recap the points
    • Call of action – Make sure your speech ends with a take home message. Electrify, motivate and inspire audience to take certain actions that will be beneficial to them.

    Choose the Right one for yourself

    There are many network marketing companies in the market for you to choose. Even though network marketing is a better career choice to achieve your dream lifestyle, it’s impossible to sign up membership in every company. Furthermore, if you want to be successful, you need to consider a long term opportunity. Therefore, choosing the right company to start your network marketing business will very determine your long term success. 

    What are the qualities of the best network marketing company for you?

    We will look at it from 4 factors: Philosophy of the company, Plan, Products, and People. 

    Philosophy of the company

    Different companies, they hold different thinking, vision and mission. As you go through the company history, vision mission statement and founder biography, you may want to consider whether the philosophy is align with what you want.

    Compensation plan

    Network marketing is one of the better way to achieve financial freedom. However, not every compensation plan is equally good. There are some plans created to benefit the top level early comers, some created to benefit new distributors, and some created to benefit the company more than the distributors. Before you decided to build the business, take some time carefully look at the marketing plan. 


    When you carry the name as a distributor, you represents the company. Products quality will be a core factor to consider. A bad products will affect the company reputation, a bad company reputation affect your image as a distributor, and eventually your bad image will affect your business performance. 


    After consider properly on the company philosophy, compensation plan and products, another crucial factor that you cannot ignore is the people you are associating yourself with. In a company, there are thousands, millions and billions of distributors representing the brand. Make sure you choose the people with good qualities of leadership, they will be able assist you to build successful business. The saying goes “birds of the same feather flock together”. Mix with successful people, you will be successful, and vice versa. 

    Lastly, after you found the perfect choice, the most important and the one and only factor that determine your real success is still YOU. Network marketing business is built for yourself, but not by yourself.