The Land of AND

What do you REALLY want in your life?

This may be a very simple question but sometime we hardly put a deeper thoughts for this.

I remember when I was a kid, we used to talk about our big dream, the big house we want to live, the sport cars we want to drive, the big ambition we have and etc. However, as we grow up and enter adulthood, we hardly mention them anymore. We have to face the cold reality where most people do not live the lives they want. 

Most of the time, we struggle to provide better lives for our family. Sadly, for most people the salary or income received, cannot catch up with the inflation rates and rising cost of living. 

In such cases, can we actually breakthrough the cold reality and achieve our desired lifestyle?

Yes, we can. Life is actually a matter of choice. 

Through our education, we learn that there are typically 3 career choices after we graduate. The graphs below show the typical income projection throughout the career in different sectors. 

In fact, there is one more choice we don’t typically learn from our education system, the Network marketing industry. For me, this is the best career choice. 

Looking at the income trajectory, it increases exponentially (without dropping) throughout the career (provided that there is effort). Why network marketing?

  • The world fastest growing industry
  • Full control of your lifestyle
  • Team effort (leverage)
  • Earning passive income

There are thousands of network marketing opportunities out there. In order to guarantee your success, you have to choose the right company.

When I make my choice, I consider 4 different aspects:

  • company philosophy,
  • compensation plan,
  • products,
  • the people I’m working with. 

Based on these 4 aspects, I found that Shaklee is best choice as my lifetime network marketing career. Watch the video below, you will see how amazing is the Shaklee Opportunity. 

Today, here I want to invite you the explore The Shaklee Land of AND.